Food engraved tombstones. That is all (18 Photos)

  • Shayne

    everyone buy your shirts they are on sale now

    • Shayne

      Twitter followers got a early purchase FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER

    • uffga

      How do I get a shirt

      • Freddy Mercury

        Step 1. Forfeit your heterosexuality.

        Step 2………….

        • Simon Phoenix

          LMAO …
          This is getting stolen …

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #14 beer is dead?!? NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    • mooseknuckle907

      go out and drink as much as you can before it's all gone.

    • Franklin1138

      "Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

    • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

      Oh the humanity!!!

  • Head Chef

    #3 Nice, except its cauliflower.

    • Travis

      You suck

    • Guesty

      Pedantic, not pedantick

  • lou sassle

    #16 1876-1824? apparently his wife had a time machine

    • Manuel Van Der Beke

      a very sharp eye you have sir! a very sharp eye indeed!

      • sccoMarine

        I was thinking the same thing man

      • hMMMM

        um…it's 1924, guys. Surprised that great eye of yours didn't catch that.

        • Ha.Ha.

          Every other "8" on the stone looks like two "o"s, but the "9" is smooth on the right side, which this one is. If you go look at the bigger picture you can tell.

    • Maynard B.

      Yes, good catch!

    • james

      Same here. That was the first thing i saw.

    • M.O.T.

      It's BC, obviously.

  • Andrew

    #16 Minnie Birch – the original time traveller?

  • Iam_Dave

    Ive never thought I could get hungry looking at dead people. I was wrong. 🙂 #15

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Stand back, everyone! He's a reverse zombie!

  • The Bandit

    #1 …should be under a maple tree…

    • Iam_Dave

      good one!

  • loserxresol

    "This fudge is delicious. Where did you get the recipe?"
    "Tombstone. NBD"

    • chestylaroo

      "cool & beat & eat"…..that's what she said

  • bigcat72

    #15 sounds like a party in the moonlight to me

  • ThornyDevil

    These have the right idea…

  • Davinport

    WTF chive?! I get hated upon for suggesting a fish tank / aquarium gallery last week, yet this is the kind of shit you produce? And four posts with cats yesterday? Don't make me listen to the trolls and switch to a mediocre site like reddit or some shit! I don't usually troll (excepting Bill57 or StanD, but they deserve it) but I expect better!

    • Stan_Dalone

      haters gotta hate

    • LeMac

      Maybe it's because you use phrases like "hated upon"

  • kidn

    who'da thought i'd work up an appetite browsing through gravestones.

  • Stan_Dalone

    Damn now I'm hungry, to the kitchen!

    • NotGuilty

      You're obviously single…

  • ZAM ZUE!

    #6 taco bell n' dual dongs

    • js in pc

      I was wondering if i was the only one to see that.

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess the #18 was a woman. Lol

    • Anonymous

      SORRY I MEAN #17 NO 18 😉

  • Anonymous

    Well I think the #17 it was a woman. Lol

  • Helmet4

    #9 #10
    Breakfast anyone

  • prik

    im goin on your genny the bigg tecnics used to be unlucky what ever letter u put on there it follows U

  • MonkeyMadness

    I didn't see "Pussy" on any of these.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Haven't got around to photographing yours yet. If you would be so kind as to drop dead, we could accomodate you.

      • MonkeyMadness

        Wow, I see I must have really offended you. You are what you eat, so, see you around, Dick.

        • OIW

          no, he's right. you fucking suck. fuck off.

  • KCJake

    #5 When he died, they had a big party instead of a funeral. That was one crazy Lemon party.

  • Peter Bergman

    Wife is a ''grave-finder'' and I assist occasionally. We find many interesting names while specifically
    looking for combat veterans.

  • Gville

    #1 What the hell happened in 1893!?!

    • IsEveryoneAsian

      Fong Yue Ting was expelled from America, and he got even by flipping these pancakes. I bet you're Asian too.

    • wanker

      suddenly… pancake!

  • Colin Fahey

    in death they still fight on whos better

  • Dan

    The hamburger one is in a cemetary in Erie PA, where i'm from. the best part about it is that the tombstone is literally right across the street from a mcdonalds, like you can read it from the drive thru

  • Coldzilla

    I miss #10 =/

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