Introducing a few new features on theCHIVE

new features 111 Introducing a few new features on theCHIVE

Chivers: We heard your feedback and suggestions loud and clear and we have added a few new features that will make binge-chiving and sharing even easier. Enjoy.

1. The PREVIOUS – SHUFFLE – NEXT bar allows you to click from post-to-post in chronological order. Hit the SHUFFLE button to be surprised by an awesome random post from theCHIVE’s archives from the past 3 years. It’s like hitting the crack pipe for the first time, and we would know.

2. The new SHARE button allows you to easily EMAIL posts to friends. There’s also Facebook and Twitter sharing included in this button (even though no one uses Twitter).

3. The RETURN TO TOP button propels you to the top of the page without reloading the page. It’s magic.

We’re always looking to enhance user-experience here at theCHIVE, so please leave any more feedback and awesome ideas in the comments below and we will read them.

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