Punk takes on Gulf War vet and gets embarrassed (Video)

Gulf War veteran Jason Smith, 35, had no idea why some punk came on his property and started foul mouthing him. Jason, it turns out, is a master in karate and jiu-jitsu and was being filmed defending his home. His wife Rebecca cowered with their 22-month daughter and was later quoted as saying, “I was proud.”

  • Sean

    BAM Merica

    • AGM

      This is actually in merry old England

      • Spork

        I thought it was. Their inflection didn't sound very American. Still ruddy awesome.

      • JerkFace

        No wonder it was gay

        • Ha.Ha.

          HAHAHAHAHA was a wee-bit disappointed myself, mate. Plus, what kind of dude talks all that shit and then backs off after one little retaliation?

      • Dogman

        You're totally right on that one. I found a video where the guy is being interviewed.

        Skip to 2:22.

        • Makes you think...

          Good video. I watched the whole thing…not meaning to make this a political conversation, but if citizens could carry hand guns, do you think this kind of harrassment would still happen?

          • Dogman

            Forget the hand guns. Imagine everyone carrying baseball bats.
            Things would get worse.

        • Joel

          It's called embedding. BAM

      • UK=UGAY

        people though it was an American because it said war VET, not war coward crybaby

        • medude

          cool story bro

        • beelzebub

          Oh like the Vietnam Vets who actually lost and then cry about the shrapnel in the their legs. Bwahaha fucking losers

    • http://twitter.com/arpra76 @arpra76

      umm, he's from the UK. this is a British vet.

      • itgirl

        Hope he didn't knock out one of that other english dudes teeth…you guys need all the healthy teeth you can get, especially ones that dont look like they were taken from a horses mouth

        • Jeff

          The other guy was loud and obnoxious, if he was obese and sleeping with his relatives he could have been easily confused with an American

          • me!

            AGREED!!!! Probably also would have had a few guns laying around….. not known where England was… then cracked a Bud……

            • 0909

              then probably use an expression in his own language incorrectly like "i could care less".

        • pow3

          English have the healthiest teeth in the world. try again.

    • Dez

      This happened in Liverpool.

    • peckerwood

      wow, england looks like a crappy place to live.

      • AGM

        glad to know we're not the only country with white trash

        • Caleoiw4e

          nah. but you are the only country with trash THAT damn trashy.

        • pat

          that's our white trash yeah- but still living in two story brick houses, clean, well maintained streets, trimmed hedges and vehicles in most drives. So crappy place to live? I'll take it over your trailer parks any day.

          • Markus

            What about your gypsy camps?

          • Jaimekampos

            only really trashy people live in trailer parks. 2 story houses? have u not seen people in the US live in buildings? and they own the whole building? not all of the streets are perfect, but most of the streets are good to drive in, plus look at the size of the US and the size of england, how many highways do you think we have? and vehicles. i would even get to that conversation.
            im not saying that england sucks, i actually liked it a lot when i went. but the US is not as bad as u r saying

            • Ben

              It's not, and neithers Britain. It's people like those above that discrace the name of whatever country you are from

            • pat

              i was trying to point out that this place (depicted in video) isn't really a sucky place to live and the U.S. has equally crappy places i.e. dont judge the whole of England from this video.
              Then we won't judge America by trailer parks, George Bush, Fast Food, crappy blockbuster movies etc etc.
              It's all a moot point anyway- if I had a green card I would be living in 'merica in a heartbeat, so I guess my argument is invalid.

              • Nickincollege

                hey now, what's wrong with fast food?

    • K0-9

      he's British. would make an American vet his bitch.

      • Ha.Ha.

        you must be retarded. what happened again when 'merica and britain went at it? oh, right…we spanked you bitches.

        • looop

          like you got spanked by a bunch a Vietnamese with pointy sticks?

          • anonwisdom

            War is profit always has been if your IQ cant figure out the rest u wouldnt belive me if i told you

    • phoenixv8

      BAM Britain you mean…the vid is from a council estate in the UK…

      • IsEveryoneAsian

        Thats in cambodia…it's dubbed over from a brit movie about 2 englsh homosexuals fighting over who gets to eat the last hotdog out of the prime ministers ass. I know asians when i see them

        • tag

          No one wants to hear about your disgusting taste in porn movies. Take it somewhere else. Oh wait, you probably do don't you, if you catch my drift. Why else would you come out with such pathetic drivvle.

          • IsEveryoneAsian

            Whats a drivvle?

    • http://twitter.com/radarronan @radarronan

      Nope, BAM England.

    • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

      Your ignorance is astounding!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      And yet more dumb "My country is better than yours!" verbal diarrhoea.

      My God, you really get some ********* retards commenting on this site.

  • LIJay

    'Merka, fuck yeah!

    • LJC

      Pretty sure this is English actually.

      • Eddie

        Pretty sure it's British actually.

        • LJC

          Ha, yeah. Ok. But definitely UK. Agreed?

    • Cod blimey

      christ, you americans are dumb.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000036746346 Cody Symes

        Christ, you Brits are judgmental.

        • The1andOnly

          Christ, you Americans are just as if not even more judgemental (also that is how you spell judgemental)

    • Jeffster

      Great Britain, Fuck yeah!

      Cause it's not just America, or as you put it 'Merka, that fights in wars.
      Good luck living in 'Merka,

  • Ron Paul


    • alex

      check yourlself

    • steven

      sure ron paul, its lame when a man defends his family and home. let's go with that. its nothing awesome when a man cause a low life to crawl away from a fight with his tail between his legs.

      • Christlike

        yes, it is lame, and it's sad the whole thing couldn't be avoided. senseless violence.

        • Short Bus All Stars

          wow someone get this hippy a tree to hug please

          • Crashfistfite

            Look at his name. More senseless violence has been carried out in the name of Christ than anybody else.

            • jaimekampos

              the good thing about america is that you can defend yourself with a 12GA…. and for the tree huggers we have a SAW 🙂

  • http://Homes4Men.com Stafferty

    Arms out, face present; great way to fight.

    • http://twitter.com/Sumisoul @Sumisoul

      I believe he forgot the ever so tactical, "balls out infront of foot" technique. That must have been his downfall.

    • TheEnglishRgay

      Everyone in enland fights like that, in a country full of superpussies no one ever gets hurt…only scratched.

      • Americasucksdick

        You would know about superpussies wouldn't you, you probably have one where your mouth should be and that's why you're so angry at the world. Still, beats America doesn't it? If it were a fight between two americans you would think you were watching a video of two planets colliding and the only way you would be able to tell it was american is because there was a sofa in the garden sat on by children with webbed feet 'cause of all the redneck incest that's goin on.

        'Merica! fuck yeah, where freedom is free unless you're foreign, gay or belong to another religion.

        • k-0

          at this point it's any religion since atheism is rapidly becoming the new branch of "non-theology" you'd better believe in or be labeled "stupid".

      • jacko552

        Surely being a pussy is better than having balls. Balls are a lot more sensitive than pussies, so saying someone "Has the balls" surely shows that they are very sensitive. Also, America and the UK are basically the same place. Almost everything about them is the same. Nothing ever changes.

      • http://Homes4Men.com Stafferty

        I'm american, and I have to disagree. Since the English don't have guns, they actually solve their problems with fists. Rather than fighting, Americans are usually quicker to result to bullets. Getting in there with your fists and taking a punishment is more bad ass than shooting someone from 100 yards.

        • looop


    • tagbadger

      Guys like that never know how to fight. They just think they are so tough they can handle anyone.

  • bemo5584

    Love seeing stuff like this. Bullies always get what they deserve in the end. Well done Jason and thanks for your service.

    • K.C.

      Nice post when I saw it 2 yrs ago.

    • Gentleman

      I'm kind of dismayed that not a single person from the watching crowd stepped in to pull the rowdy punk out of there. Shouldn't have gotten to that point at all.

    • Lisa

      Exactly. You don't screw with a vet. Ever. They'll fuck you up in 13 ways you've never even dreamed of.

      At 1:27 I started counting…3…2…1…BOOM.

      Good job Jason & I hope like hell you're a chiver. 🙂

    • http://www.facebook.com/israel.porter Israel Joseph Porter

      In the real world, not all bullies get what they deserve, sadly.

      • anon

        especially the rich ones

    • Joel

      this one's pretty satisfying, too.

  • Honk

    That garbage can was a source of contention.

    • reepthebenefits

      Should've yelled "Now pick it up!" when he was crawling away.

  • Bhodi

    Good for him!

  • German

    that a**hole deserved more that a hit to the face, but the veteran acted intelligently at the situation

    • peckerwood

      I suppose, it's intelligent because Jason had no idea if crazy bald head man would escalate with weapons or running him over with a car, but the level of restraint shown strains credulity. No one should be expected to have to endure that level of violent taunting without retaliation or calling the cops. Of course, this being England, Jason's probably the one who got in trouble.

      • dave

        No one would get into trouble for hitting someone on their own property who was threatening them with physical violence. Strains credulity? It's called not being a pussy.

        • wkdfrog

          You're missing the point Dave: Peckerwood is just saying that whilst Jason was morally right, the law doesn't necessarily support that (unfortunately). However in this case it would as he showed restraint and was provoked into a reasonable level of self preservation.

    • http://twitter.com/Sumisoul @Sumisoul

      It's true. He gave the boy a chance to stand down. But the idiot didn't take the kindness. A few warnings and the misfit was out.

    • 2pumpdump

      cus he's 2 dam fat to do anything else

    • CuriousGeorge

      If he's a master of any kind of martial art, he must have battled and mastered his inner dragons. Water can make your boat float, but it can also make it sink.

      Just sayin'


  • Jones

    Im pretty sure this is in England.

    • int

      So, this was like, what, 2 years ago?

    • Honk

      yeah… if you listen closely, you can here some pretty thick English accents from the people watching on the fence. one guy said "Are you OIL RIGHT??"

    • boe

      Could you tell by the pixels?

      • Pokepoke

        Merican pixels are slower and thicker then UK pixels, a true pixelmaster can spot it

    • http://www.analdestruction.com Simon Phoenix

      I think you are right. Because had this been in American in an state BUT CA, or NY … he would have been shot on the spot.


    • steve


  • El Jefe

    Really sounds/feels like that took place in the UK somewhere.

    • cortez

      yep, POS chavs that all.. all mouth no action

    • Guest

      The giant liscence plate on the motorcycle…

    • luke

      it was some northern shit hole.

  • ace

    Pretty clearly not "Merica"

    • 2pumpdump

      yep in "Merica" click click boom

      • =904345

        no, it's "in 'Merica' drops on knees and starts sucking his dick, 'cause he couldn't find his gun".

  • AnotherAnon

    Good man. Your wife SHOULD be proud.

    • Phox

      no doubt he got LAID that night

  • Brickman

    Thats why you don't mess with the troops otherwise…Kung Fu master will put you in your place!

  • El Jefe

    Really sounds/feels like that took place in the UK somewhere.

  • brady

    dude! double tap! he needed that

  • Stevsie

    So confused….

  • http://twitter.com/jfkime @jfkime

    pure awesome… and restraint.. chive on, brother

    • C09

      telling him to "chive on" is worse than saying his mother can go fuck herself. don't insult this great man and what he stands for in such a way again. thank you.

      • Franklin1138

        What's wrong with that? Are you familiar with The Chive? Are you aware that "Chive on" is a positive thing to say to someone? Clearly you need one of those new t-shirts…

      • http://twitter.com/jfkime @jfkime

        Stand down, C09… It was a compliment to the man for showing restraint and not escalating the situation. The man dealt with the situation with proper force and did not continue to defend his home once his opponent was defeated. As this man showed, proper escalation of force is the way to deal with such a situation and not pursuing further action. Browse theChive and understand the culture behind it before you insult the views of the people that follow the site.

        Keep Calm and Chive On.

  • Mrs_Conejo

    so this guy was 14 and in the gulf war?

    • alexri

      That's only proof of how bad-ass he is.

    • hoobady doo

      um, he looks like hes like, 40. so he was probably in his 20s…

      • Becca

        How have you made it this far through life?

    • bones

      There has been 2 gulf wars! The last one not long ago!

      • MadBroIsMad

        This was from a few years ago.

      • McBeastie

        Pretty sure "the last one" is still happening. Unless you believed the big Mission Accomplished banner.

        • That Guy

          the Iraq War is over. the war in Afghanistan is not considered a gulf war.

      • Squishybits

        no, there have been two gulf "occupations" a war involves TWO sides fighting :S

    • ReadABook

      There have been three wars that can be called the Gulf war; the Anglo-Iraqi War in 1941, the Iran Iraq War in the 80s, and the last Iraq war which officially ended in 2010

  • Cleans

    Wow jason is a patient man. Well handled. I am impressed. I would have stomped on that punks face for sure. What a douche bag pussy

    • Iuj0

      says the guy from behind his keyboard.

      • CaptainStag

        I think he meant the guy who got hit was the pussy. He's not calling Jason a pussy for being patient :-/

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001131878888 Derek Skinner

        Says the guy also behind a keyboard.


  • cyncic

    Next post…..Gulf War vet arrested for assault.

    • kyle

      this video clearly shows the vet being harassed and attacking in self defense. if anything the douche bag is one being arrested for disorderly conduct.

    • No You

      maybe if this was in California.

      • DrROBOTO

        hopefully its in florida so he can get away with it

    • Brian

      The UK was like that, but it's changing. Recently there have been several cases of people killing burglars in self defence and having no charges brought – after an investigation to make sure it *was* self defence, obviously.

      There are still cases like the one where a burglar ran off, the burgled bloke then called his family, they hunted him down and kicked him until he got brain damage. You can go too far.

    • brunodg

      "Andrews, 23, was arrested and hit with a curfew for yobbery. "

      • Pete



  • yo yo ma

    This happened in Japan

    • =904345

      close. it's Africa.

      • pat

        nope, pretty sure its japan

  • al the gohst

    big mouth no action.

    silly prat.

    stay down.

  • patov40

    Anyone else thinking, "FINISH HIM"? Good restraint is right.

    • http://www.facebook.com/epl.young Elan Young

      I was thinking it. Looked straight outta the game lol. But yes, I liked his restraint.

  • http://viraltoob.com/blog Nat Berman

    This is what happens when you're a moron.

  • Buggs

    This happened in St Helens, Merseyside, UK. More info here: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article

    • Dan

      I knew it was the U.K. none of the stuff there looked American, one of the bigger giveaways was the license plate on his bike.

      • dave

        The biggest giveaway was the fact they are talking like people from Merseyside, which is pretty unique when it comes to accents.

    • Bastid

      Thank you.

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