Punk takes on Gulf War vet and gets embarrassed (Video)

Gulf War veteran Jason Smith, 35, had no idea why some punk came on his property and started foul mouthing him. Jason, it turns out, is a master in karate and jiu-jitsu and was being filmed defending his home. His wife Rebecca cowered with their 22-month daughter and was later quoted as saying, “I was proud.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677821817 Harrison Walsh

    fucken chavs

  • Tommy McCanada

    From one soldier to another . . .Good freakin' work brother. The home is the first and last line of defense. For a soldier its the beginning and the end of any and all conflicts. Kudos to you Sir.

  • Big boy

    It takes a real man to hold back like that. If the world would think more like this guy it would be a batter place. I respect a guy like you. Chive on brother!!!

  • wommy

    Close my fence bitch

  • JollyOldFuckU

    Owned, this is ENGLISH you fucking idiots. Probalby perplexed why english people speak american. Facepalm.

  • Pinky-3000

    This makes me feel ashamed to be British but at the same find it hilarious that again another chav is all talk and actually has no real ability to do anything.
    Jason did something that I’ve never had the chance to do and did it true style!! TOP LAD!!!

  • kick ass

    fuck ya, little pussy got his ass smacked down!

  • Janne

    Nice work, got what he deserved, but in south africa we are allowed to shoot and kill trespassers, especially if they show threatening behavior. I was expecting more

  • Ispeakchive

    As a vet, just let me clear up the myth that all vets are bad asses, and the location in which they served is not relevant to their ability to throw down, unfortunately the military has it's share of punks.

  • Steve

    I'm with Mrs. Conejo, this guys was 14 or 15? Was he in the Iraqi Army?

  • Holleywierd

    Here, here!

  • anomic

    What are those white Americans with British accents doing in Japan? Weird.

  • https://www.facebook.com/edward.mcnamara Edward McNamara

    This guy would have been 15 during the "Gulf War." Do you mean OIF?

  • GG671

    I can't believe I waited for that.

  • ddsadsa

    you guys its South Africa, srsly you guys

  • malmon

    I have a new Idol.

  • SkooterQ

    His alligator mouth out ran his hummingbird ass!!!

  • Karl

    Nice how calm he was. Bug what the hell.

  • Brant

    Way to hold back for so long. Well worth the wait to watch that punk crawl away on his hands and knees lol

  • Ralph

    At times like this, I feel ashamed of my country.

  • http://www.ennoticias.net en noticias

    JJajaja,,he stupid..nice punh

  • CNG

    Thats an absolute ripper punch too

  • mitch

    That was epic! Except that now, that little POS and all his friends will come back in the middle of the night and trash, or possibly burn down that guys house and the police will do nothing. That little punk does not qualify as a human being and should be exterminated before he can do the same thing to someone who cant defend themselves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=624479273 Sam Mckillop-Henderson

    100% sure this was in Glasgow Scotland, or at least in Scotland. Sick to my stomach by the way people like this behave. He is lucky that the man defending his property stopped after putting him to the ground.

  • Jim Mao

    Has to be England, they are so polite they even close the gate on the way out!

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