Soooo…. you got wasted (24 Photos)

  • Sunday

    i was once told i had a drinking "problem," so i corrected the person and said i had a drinking "hobby."

    • Boobman

      I was once told I had a drinking problem; I drink, I fall down, no problem!

      • Gnole

        I have a drinking problem.

    • Chris Ginga Morris

      Someone once told me I was too drunk. I'm sure I replied with some smart witty comment.

    • Bubba

      The only time I have a drinking problem is when I'm out of booze!

  • Sunday

    and to the asshole who wanted to see this first and post "first!" you suck. nobody cares who was first.

    • Stevie Jay

      Contradiction much?

    • Bobolink


    • Sunday

      i thumbed down my own post.

    • Neil Armstrong

      I do !!!

      • Sunday

        I really hate myself.

        I suck. I should never be first.

        I loath myself for being first and having such a sucky name. But its OK because on Monday I'll be a new person.

  • Sterling Archer

    #22 i miss those things…

    • RealZC

      haha that's me awesome

    • M6tt

      I miss being able to comfortably fit in those things

  • dastlast

    #6 Sometimes, the story behind the picture is really fascinating. In this case, I would rather not ask!



  • dondost

    #20 That mouth…

    • Gdog

      Is that John Goodman??

    • turbodude

      last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it …

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'm betting she can fit all your junk in there.

      • directed

        Precisely my thought there! 🙂

        • Dawn DuBois

          she's like she came right out of the Black Hole Sun video

    • SWa

      the possibilities!

    • Pooper Duper


  • directed

    #4 Playing with balls underwater- my kind of girl!!

    • 09809

      really? what are you, 13?

      • directed

        A hot girl is age-irrelevant!

      • Steve

        I'm sure people have stopped saying "Really?" followed by a "what are you?" question.

      • MIKEoxbig

        really? what are you a fag?

    • WOIew

      and the award for the lamest joke goes to……directed.

      • directed

        thanks dude, I always dreamt to receive a prize through-out my lifetime!

    • Scotty

      Everything about this picture makes me happy. I cannot find any flaw in it

  • morebeer

    #23 SOON!

    • qwerty


  • Kevin

    I want to play with #4

    these will so be used against them in the future……….

  • Thom Stokman

    #14 I like the girl -guy ratio

    • The Chivery

      Then you're not a true Chiver.

      Chive on!

      • Thom Stokman


        • Smitty

          Because 3:1 is just a BABY step!

    • Mito

      Something tells me he doesn't.

      • hjgjk

        moar blond in yoga pants

    • mooseknuckle420

      the girl to guy ratio is 3:1 3 girls, to one gay guy. to each there own i guess

  • KenRayJen

    #13 thats how he came up with Snake Juice

  • AssClown

    #6 The fuck…this isn't the crapper!

  • Paula_

    #1 Oh Yeah I got lucky! Threesomes FTW!
    Ah, if only Lauren would have been there to make it a foursome…. ❤

    – the one you love to hate

    • directed

      You failed your "2 posts on the first page" ratio!

      • directed

        Oh, and I'd rather see the Chivette of the week there, not Laura…

      • Paula_

        I'm trying to cut it down, John is sending me death threats.

        – the one you love to hate

    • varlotto

      Powluh u ent trollin no more :[

    • AssClown

      3some, 4some, still bestiality to do it with a troll…

      • Paula_

        Well as long as it's cool from MY point of view…
        Me and some other troll were eating a clown once, I said: "Does that taste funny to you?"

        – the one you love to hate

        • i hate you paula


        • Stan_Dalone

          that's very old and not funny anymore but nice try cept that of course it is not original as usual

        • theAdventuresOfJim

          for the last time stop tryna hide behind the "lets add Lauren" lines i'm still convinced you are LG

          • Paula_

            Oh c'mon, my ass is twice as wide. At least!

            – the one you love to hate

    • Stan_Dalone

      so paula that's you in the middle?

      • Red

        calling Paula a fat chick(again). christ, you unfunny and unoriginal.

        • Stan_Dalone

          first I wasn't trying to call paula a fat chick by her post she said she got lucky and had a threesome, so seeing the three people in the truck I asked if that was her (moron) and No I wasn't trying to be funny (moron) so stop jumping to conclusions cause you have no fucking clue

          • Stan_Dalone

            P>S> if I wanted to call paula a fat ugly bitch I would say it straight up but I wasn't

            • COie

              get thumbed down, you unfunny cunt.

              • Stan_Dalone

                Only you , the idiot who can't even come up with a real name? You can't judge anyone till you get your own house in order half witt

                • COie

                  Considering your names' a gay-ass pun, I wouldn't talk if I were you. And it's spelled "wit". Learn to spell, bitch.

                  • Stan_Dalone

                    well you are the one with gay on your mind what little mind you have. so go play with your pedo-bear

                    • COie

                      "pedo-bear"? Nice to know you have pedophilia on your mind, creep.

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      NICE try on putting words or ideas into other people's heads that is not there, but it isn't going to work moron

                    • TN_Girl

                      Arguing online means you have already lost

  • Calin Chifor

    #14 looks like young broke barney stinson, totally his style

  • Jonathan

    #18 and #19 Great idea!!

    • Kyle Shubert

      This isn't great. It's fucking genius!

      • Lisa

        It's FANFUCKINGTASTIC. So much better than pong.

    • benny

      I'd make it with shots!

      • Brandino


        • Radam3


      • Jonathan

        It's already with shots, isn't it!?

    • Chris

      +1 for inventiveness.
      -10 for needing a game to drink. Fucking children…

      • Steve

        +10 for combining a game with drinking. Nobody needs a game to drink, they prefer playing a drinking game. Its called HAVING FUN. Sitting home alone drinking because you don't need a reason too is kinda sad.

    • phatty mcphaterson

      While the idea is cool, can you imagine just two people playing that and how long it would take??

  • The_Dark_Knight


    Surprise Buttsecks

    • Cap don

      two Chivers after a "long", "hard" night of "chiving it up". lulz.

    • Brofessor X

      doesnt matter, had sex

    • Stan_Dalone

      still not as gay as twilight

      • Kent Jackson Juan

        Or you.

        • Stan_Dalone

          how would you know faggot

          • Kent Jackson Juan

            Because us gay men have something called "gaydar", and Stan, your readings are off the charts(by the way, cute how you vote your own comments up).

            • Stan_Dalone

              get over yourself sock jockey

              • Kent Jackson Juan

                Hey, you asked, and I told you. Take it easy, cupcake.

                • Stan_Dalone

                  in the end it means you know nothing about me so like I said get over yourself sock jockey

                  • Kent Jackson Juan

                    *Ssssh* Calm down, and stop being such a bitchy queen. Vagisil should clear that right up for you.

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      I am not upset in the least. You of course having the experiance with Vagisil would know all about that right?

                    • Kent Jackson Juan

                      Yep. That should clear up your sandy-vagina nicely. You're welcome.

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      if I were you and thank god I'm not. If you have/had a sandy vag I would not be bragging about it

                    • Kent Jackson Juan

                      Nope. Had friends, like yourself, that have though. No need to be embarrassed. Just practice proper feminine-hygiene in the future. You're welcome.

    • Huff

      yep, that's me and my boy hahaha thanks to oktoberfest LAX Wisconsin!!

    • morebeer

      doesn't look like that much of a surprise….just buttsecks

  • Byrne0ut

    Im guessing he started drinking hard after Ryan Howard hit that 3 run shot. GO PHILLIES

    • NaNaNaMatmaN

      Cards like to do it in the end (come from behind) GO STL!!! phuck the phillies

      • Byrne0ut

        that explains the 30 Blown Saves by the Cards this year

      • youphukingsuck

        you can say fuck here moron.

  • dano

    #14…MOAR of the gals in this one…especially the blonde in the green shirt. She looks like yoga pants material.

  • Keep_Floatin

    #23 Don't look now but I think he's gonna rape her.

    • Rie4

      of course. that's the only way a Chiver can get any.

    • Chris Ginga Morris

      Fuck i'm so getting laid, I can tell by the look on their faces they both want me

  • Steven Lazo

    #4 Not sure how well this would work out, but still pretty damn awesome!

    • Stan_Dalone

      wins through experimentation

  • LanceFabulous

    #18 Best idea ever.

  • Seven1nine

    #1 why does it look like she smells shit



  • Noice

    #4 Great bod and pose. MOAR plz!

    • Jayzkrew

      get a life.

  • bigcat72

    #23 Dear Diary, JACKPOT!

    • ItWisNaeMe

      Hmmm – just ask him why he has that cushion there.

      And don't believe the first story he tells you – trust me!

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