• Kimberli

    What an amazing moment. Made me cry too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rabiskullmaster Dave Angle

    She certainly didn't say enough for ANYONE to hear if someone had an accent, enunciation issues, or a speech impediment. Don't judge so quickly people

  • Dave

    Such an awesome video!! Chive On!

  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.gaylor Luke Gaylor

    what asshole be happpy for something good that finally happened in the work dont be a punkass

  • mike white

    not real…she new if her voice was loud. If I had never heard anything in my life ever how would I respond so quickly to the question, "is you voice loud to you"

  • Comer

    Its beautiful … Hearing her parents for first time, gets to hear wind blow, gets hear rain falling on the roof, listening too the Beetles for first time, gets to hear her self scream out of excitement… Gets too hear love from family, friends or someone. We take this world for granted and complain about the littlest thing we have to hear about .

  • drbman

    wow just fucking awesome

  • adfas

    Shes hot

  • Rafael P Simpson

    First saw this video on youtube and I ended up smiling the whole time. This heart touching video was doubted by some, but I don't think it even matters. The event itself is enough to be thankful to life's surprises. I just bought my daughter hearing aid from westernhearing.com.au and honestly felt sad with her condition, but thanks to this video, it did gave me hope.

  • Grant Labuschagne

    I teared up right there for a moment

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