It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (33 Photos)

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  • Charles

    Go Pats!

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Go Bucs

      • Shane-Amanda Anderson

        Go Pack

      • Smuggler

        GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ralph

          GO BANANA!!!!!11!!!1

    • Stan_Dalone

      football blog is fours down the hall on the left

      • Daba

        Patriots is the best team on NFL. PERIOD!

        • R-Dub

          Engrish is best language on WORLD. EXCRAMATION POINT!

      • 0980

        You suck.

    • BentWrenches

      Go Chargers!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #5 Of course he did, that's Bruce Fucking Lee!

    • Zedhere

      Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris

      • Evie Fontaine

        fuck yeah

    • Stan_Dalone

      they actually fought each other in a movie, don't remeber the name

      • Videologic

        Way of the Dragon

        • AmBush_Steve

          No, Return of the Dragon. Actually just watched it yesterday. Funny.

          I was thinking then that Bruce Lee would be the product of a Chuck Norris and Ninja mating.

      • B45op

        it must have been a friendly match. because if Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fought it would mean the apocalypse.

        • BelowHeavens

          Nope, Bruce Lee would be like water and just wipe him out like a tsunami

          • B45op

            true the apocalypse would be in chuck norris' dying moments caused by the force of Bruce Lees finishing blow.

            • Altair

              but it would be so quick no one would see it happen.

      • bigcat72

        Actually Bruce Lee fought Chuck Norris in a competition match and broke Chucks arm. (little known fact)

    • Shawn Chambers

      Bruce trained in Gung – Fu and later created JKD. Chuck trained in, and fought in full contact Karate. Bruce did NOT train Chuck.

      • GernBlansten

        No, he schooled him. Big difference.

      • BelowHeavens

        Bruce trained the US Karate team Chuck was on, and hens trained Chuck. Chuck did train with Bruce. The years Bruce trained that team they didn't lose.

        • AmBush_Steve

          Hens trained Chuck? You mean there really is a Kung Fu chicken?

        • shawn

          Really? I've never heard that before. They met at a karate tournament, but as far as I know, Bruce never trained a national karate team. Can you name the years he trained them?

      • BelowHeavens

        oh and he trained in Wing Chun before he created JKD

        • Groggy

          Wing Chun is a style of Gong Fu, so Shawn's still correct there. WC was Bruce's foundation art, but he was quite the dabbler.

          • BelowHeavens

            Fair enough on the Gong Fu part…and yea knew about WC being his foundation. but thanks for the info

        • El_Hefe

          IP Man was a great movie

          Anyone who loves MA movies needs to watch it

          • hMMMM

            ip sifu!!!

          • SimonPhoenix

            The man that trained Bruce Lee .. .BAD FUCKIN' ASS!

    • JoryC

      there is a utube video where Chuck calls Bruce Lee out. Chuck was a world champion. Lee was a movie actor.. Big Difference.

      • BelowHeavens

        Uhh, no. Bruce trained in Wing Chun before moving to the US. He created his own MA in JKD. He did movies, but don't get it wrong dude could fight. And he had a mean one inch punch. Bruce Lee trained the Karate team that Chuck was on, and they won every year. The Man knew what he was doing, and trained. He trained in Wing Chun with one of the top Wing Chun teachers. Dude could fight. Now Jackie Chan was a movie actor

        • vlad

          Bruce lee had the ONLY one inch punch. no one else can do that.
          Jackie chan was trained by lee, and can fight better than chuck norris.

          • shawn

            Many people can do that…. Including his student Dan Inosanto.

            Jackie was not trained by Bruce. Jackie came out of the Pe King Opera School…. A school devoted to teaching "movie" martial arts.

          • BelowHeavens

            See Shawns post

      • Highcuu

        I was going to say the same thing, because I saw that clip the other day too.

        But….I did a little internet research before opening my mouth.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #26 is awesome

    • beat rice

      oh the possibilities

  • Guesty

    It's Monday…..

    Stop looking at the Chive and get your ass to work.

    • Miller

      It's Monday…
      Look at the Chive for half the day, then pretend to work the other half.

      • cubanitagirl

        sounds like my monday lol

        • Randall Gallegos

          annnnd you're submitting when?

    • Mark Harris

      And what the hell are you doing troll?

      • Red

        what are you, 10? *waaaaah! you're doing it, so why can't i do it!?* grow up.

        • Black of gu,4

          Well said.

    • DaddyD

      I've got all week for that.

  • Rogerer X

    Sorry. Did not even crack a smile. Fail, guys. Bring on some Chivettes.

    • yep

      You do realize that there is something like 934,322,959,023 porn sites out there right? If girls are the only thing you want to see online, there are better sites out there.

    • chris

      I agree in the sense that I think chivettes would be way more cheerful in the early hours of tuesday morning rather then early hours of saturday morning when I'm probably drunk and normally not on till sunday. Alternatively you could start uploading on new zealand time.

  • dagleja3

    #28 – I need to get one of those for women with FLBP!

  • turbodude

    Too soon…

    • Lucas

      Not soon enough.

  • Stafferty

    #33 Pandas are a bunch of cunts- Jim Jeffries

  • Zedhere

    #10 Because pedo bear already is…

  • Kaars

    Happy Monday Chivers… #21 FTW!

    • Major_Rocker

      I'm only counting 15. Nevertheless. It's BFM!!!

  • Ron Burgundy?

    Chuck Testa is everywhere… #28

    • Harry Carry

      is that a mammogram machine?

      Nope! Chuck Testa

      (girl turns to camera and smiles)

  • echogeo

    I found my Halloween costume.

    • LOL

      how unafuckinriginal…

      you wont be the creeper at the party or anything

  • Fucker

    I lost the game

    • Headfade

      Damn you… I was blatantly winning…

    • Fandango

      Yup, lost again. #4

  • bkfrijoles

    #8 Ninja Dog was trained by Bruce Lee too


    #7 i completely envy the shit out of that rabbit

    • Russell

      You're welcome to the shit while I'll have the gal!

  • Seldi84

    #32 made me laugh the hardest. Reminds me of an old joke that no one here cares about.

  • Stan_Dalone

    #21 Bill Fuckin Murray and 17 of them just makes it better

    • helaughs

      dudes who say things like that are so cool…lol

  • patov40

    #9 – "Smithereens" is a great word. Would make me read the rest of the story. xD

    • patov40

      Loner with a boner.

  • laxcat36

    #5 i didn't know they had total gyms back then.

    • asda

      total lack of gyms? he's fucking ripped as. just not douche ripped.

      • laxcat36

        You missed the joke asda. Go google “total gym” and figure it out. I believe you were trying to call me an ass?

        • bigcat72

          har har joke not funny

  • Stan_Dalone

    #8 I'd rahter have a ninja dog than a ninja cat

  • Glenn

    #7 HHNF? Did you make the DMR?

  • MidwestChiver

    #5 The one man who could beat Chuck Norris

    • BelowHeavens

      He did beat Chuck Norris

    • bigcat72

      He beat him in all their sparing matches and in a competition, Bruce even broke Chuck's arm.

      • vegeta

        Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen could all beat chuck norris. don't kid yourself with the chuck hype.

        • Russell

          That's why Chuck is now a FOXNews Contributer.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #19 remind me again about rule 34, that piece of info has already been wiped clean from my brain with beer

    • DrROBOTO

      that there is a sexual fetish for everthing…even you

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        domo arigato, DrRoboto

  • techno_viking

    #21 I'M SAILING!


    chive wot the fuck,i cant do fuk all reet, how the fuck do i get a rep wtf…WTF …….o.0…………..barneys here u know and he's mad…MAD…..:@

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