Kids are nihilists (35 photos)

Kids reaction to finding out the Empire Strikes Back reveal:

  • dano


  • AssClown

    #8 Why does that guy have a vagina on his face…

  • Volcanodude

    #11 is exactly how I looked on my 1st birthday. Not sure what that is he made a mess out of but mine was a cupcake.


    #28 You are awesome kid, keep it up.

  • Trent

    #25 There is something unsettling about this pic.

  • bkfrijoles

    #26 i do what i want

  • Alister

    #8: those are both adults. fail, chive

  • Ryan Courtemanche

    #18 friendship….you're doing it right

  • Gabriel Rodríguez

    That's a friend for life bro! #18

  • Brian

    We need more of the "Empire Strikes Back" reveals.

  • Lolita

    #19 I reall hope thats shopped.

  • Eddy

    So wait, we now have youtube instead of that other video format?

  • DiirtMcgirt

    It rhymes with smish-smorshmin

  • Vaiz

    What movie is #15 from?

  • Stan_Dalone

    #19 not giving a fuck or mini superman

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Some great pics
    not seeing why you call any of these examples of nihilism, but nothing matters anyway so who cares?

  • GomerPyle

    #7 mutton bustin’! Yee haw!!

  • Gabriel

    #19 – Darwinism at its Finest

  • YangBrett

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  • tophernator

    #25 is clearly a young River Tam.

  • BetterMama

    Poor Vivi…
    Making a kid do something as awful as that, which she has plainly told her she does not want to do… and for freaking TACOS! Cathy should be ashamed of herself, lighten up and start being a REAL mother to her daughter. What ever happened to having a normal BALANCED childhood? Exposing little girls to that HORROR that is Abby Lee Miller is bad enough. But that rabid pitt bull of a mother… I hate to imagine the extensive therapy this kid is going to require later on in life because of all this garbage. Never will forget the venomous tone Cathy used when saying "a few dead presidents will get me what I want and shut her up!" What a lovely example to set for your impressionable little girl. Better rethink your parenting style before it bites you in the ass, Cathy. What is so easily manipulated and forced right now won't be quiiiiite so easy once she is in her pre-teen/teen years.With a mother like Vivi's, it's a wonder she doesn't murder her in her sleep… God help you.

  • Dale

    Say what you will about national socialism, Dude.At least it was an ethos.

  • Short Bus All Stars

    not really sure how this is nihilism … not really sure if you know what that word means lol

  • ImpressMe

    #1 is a baby morlock…..

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