The Slave Leia costume stands the test of space time (27 Photos)

  • echogeo

    #4 #5
    Olivileia Munn

    • Jordefe43

      #23 holy shit her legs are short……

      • Wicked

        Never should have left AOTS…..

        • OIje4

          agreed. she fucking sucks on everything else.

    • patov40

      She wins this contest!

  • EasternCanuck

    #16… pubes… oh chive… I think HR missed something.

    • Amused

      Had to do a doubletake on this one while scrolling.
      This could merit its own post: PUBAGE SHOTS!

    • JOHN

      Straight snatch.

    • The_Dood

      I found a bigger shot. Definitely got some bush goin' on down there.

      • EasternCanuck

        NICE… no hardwood floors on that Leia… that's for sure.

    • R2G Fan


      • Spock

        and? unless it right in front of you, and ready for entry, who gives a shit? go get laid, you fuckin' virgins.

    • Hunter X

      Looks like Leia is sporting a landing strip for an X-wing fighter…

    • varlotto


      • whosmike

        I was thinking where are the hiding there bikinis at….

    • dsparob

      side vag…the new side boob

    • Dan

      Fuck, picture was replaced for our safety.

      • MonkeyMadness

        What? Damn! lol and I thought I was missing something that everyone else is seeing. Did anybody have the foresight to download the pic before it was replaced?? Send it to me please?

    • Hunter X

      BOOOO! on the Chive for replacing the landing strip….with…butt crack.

    • fuktup

      Laura Foy

    • CDN

      Ok, Chive removes a pic that shows some SLIGHT pubic hair yet posts pics of women in their underwear with clear definition of their lady parts. Cameltoe shots are much more inappropriate than that pic was!

    • Raymond Amoroso

      Thats adrian curry, shes a legit model, even did playboy, google her if you wanna see some hotness

    • hatchet_face

      And I thought TheChive was all about NOT Photoshopping?

    • Rob

      Gee, thanks for that. Tattler

    • EasternCanuck
    • Amused

      @Chive: If you're going to swap out a photo that has already been commented on, at least have the balls to fess up to it on the main page!

  • Pedobear

    Wow these are some hot women!

  • dr. huwang

    #20 ouch

    • hMMMM

      still would in that costume.

  • echogeo

    Waiting….waiting…DAMN IT!

    • EasternCanuck

      that should be a GIF

      • mooseknuckle907

        I agree

    • mooseknuckle907

      Best pic by far

  • echogeo

    Hello, Red!

    • R2G Fan

      Redhead Leia is the hottest Leia.

      • chivesworth

        You're right. She needs to be found.

        • duetbetter

          Redhead Leia is Haydn Porter, you can find NSFW pics of her all over the place, did Howard Stern and Playboy.

          • Alister

            you, sir, rule.

  • ShowtimeSully

    #3 Find Her?

    • Helvetii

      Too vainy!

      • 0-l-

        agreed. not hot.

        • ChiveNation

          You're crazy! I'd never say no to that!

          • 0-l-

            i respect your opinion.

        • its_forge

          LOL@ you guys who've never been within 100 yards of anything this hot

  • yo yo ma

    Everyone, do yourself a favor and Google "Adrianne Curry, Leia". To leave her off this list is the greatest crime to humanity since the holocaust.

  • The Bandit

    #1 and #3 were the best…Jabba wouldn't let them escape!
    #27…but Carrie Fisher was pretty damn hot, wasn't she?

    • JDB

      #27 Yes, yes she was.

    • Maynard B.

      I read she was really self-concious about that outfit. For myself, in my formative years, those images will remain seared in my mind forever. Thank you Carrie. You had nothing to worry about.

  • Jason Johnson

    #1 on the right…find her

    • Dan

      Find all 3! Especially the one in the middle!

    • Bloodline420

      The redhead's name is Haydn Porter.!/GhostieBunny

      • Nishtai

        I love that girl. Best combination of redhead, hotness and brains I've seen in a while. The plus: Playboy model!

    • hassssss

      …something to eat. fucking gross dude

      • Nishtai

        You should really Google her before such an idiotic and kind of gay-ish comment

        • Credulator

          no, he's right. it's gross.

          • Martín Scola

            She's not even the skinniest of the girls in the pics… I don't get u guys. Maybe check your estrogen levels?
            She's cute
            She's hot
            She's a red
            She's a Playboy model (I bet u anything that Hef knows a thing or two about hot girls)
            She's a MENSA member

            Your argument is invalid

      • its_forge

        She has a very healthy little tummy on her, actually that tummy is probably her sexiest feature, but all the other things are very close

  • chrisdg74

    #16 – Looks like someone decided to "go commando".

    • Will

      Uhm, yeah. That's Adrienne Curry. If she's "going commando", it must be a Tuesday — or some other day that ends in "Y". Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      • chrisdg74

        True dat.
        But, that's not the original pic they had for #16. It was a different woman. She was interviewing someone(she had a mic). It was a side view and you could clearly see pubic mound.

        • 904

          well said, you fat fuck.

  • Stafferty

    #15 WHY CAN'T THIS BE A VIDEO?!!?!?!?

    • its_forge

      That's Olivia Munn and another sort-of-famous woman so I would bet good money there *is* video out there somewhere.

  • Bianchi

    I want one… badly

  • Stan

    #16… no

  • Stan

    #20 …no

    • Big Perv

      Meh…still would. FDAU.

  • MissChris

    #15 Nerdgasm definitely achieved! Very sexy

    • Colloie

      Star Wars ain't nerdy. like Batman, it hasn't been nerdy for years. just sayin'.

    • Wookie

      Miss Chris, me thinks you would look fantastic in one of these outfits! Challenge accepted?

  • kyle

    #27 Still the best

    • Dirty Dingus


  • Hector

    #17 is just so freakin hot!

  • bigcat72

    #16 "I have the strangest boner right now" (black lady) I dont think shes wearing panties…… wow wow wow

  • Zedhere

    Sex with "Leia" is on my bucket list.

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    #7 Man, she looks a lot like Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)…but no way that is her, right?

    • lemurfart

      it is, from Fanboys

      • caleb

        She looks way better blonde, still fantastic either way.

    • mlschop

      Def her…

    • bdubnc

      Yep, it's from the movie Fanboys

    • doreen

      Yep that's her, it's from the end of Fanboys.

    • EdK

      Yep that's her when she was in the film "Fanboys" 😀

    • Geshko

      Yes way, it is her. Check out the movie Fanboys.

    • Falthor

      no that is in fact Kristen Bell from the Movie Fanboys.

    • Dunny_

      Yep, that's Kristen Bell (Victoria Mars).

      • NicBree

        *Veronica Mars

        • Dunny_

          HA! my bad. Kid was watching Nickelodeon so I have Victoria Justice on the brain. Thanks for that.

  • billshakes626

    #18 I love redheads. Especially when wearing this.

    • Master_Rahl

      she's a bit skinny, but fine nonetheless!

      • Jed

        The smile adds 10 pounds.

        • Transluscent

          Not to mention she probably glows in the dark.

          • Martín Scola

            Maybe she doesn't reflect on mirrors

  • Bless1

    #19- best of the best.

    • culpjp

      2nd that!!!

  • vicsa89

    #17 and #18 mmmm = #2

  • R2G Fan

    #13 I fully support Porn Star Leia

    • Joe Kickass

      Carlotta Champagne, full set includes plenty o nudes.

    • Dunny_

      I also am a stiff proponent of Porn Leia.

    • mrflare

      Ashlynn brooke, thats it

    • huhuhuhuhuhuhu

      #13 Come to Butt-Head

      • its_forge

        Ha, I've been known to use that line

    • Huzzah

      Porn Leia asked for help from Obi-Wan KenBoneMe.

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