China needs to quit hoggin’ all the pandas (26 photos)

Panda Shooter t-shirt and CHIVE Tee original, Vitruvian Panda, available in The Chivery!

  • maggiemay13

    I want a pet panda now…


    • Stan_Dalone

      one does not simply walk into a pet store and buy a panda

  • sittal

    Alright stop, panda time!

  • BSS

    Trying to push the panda shirts are we?

  • JustTrickinYou

    #20 "Do a barrel roll!"

  • lik

    #26 I see , so thats what all of this was about

    • Denton

      The Chive is turning into a T-shirt sales site? I'm all for sexy chivettes in Chive On shirts but really… pushin panda shirts like this… weak.

      • Cynic

        They will push panda crap but won't take a suggestion to make Betty White t-shirts. WTF Chive?

      • Scotty

        I have no objection to threads like these, as long as I get to see pandas

    • Jamal

      I cant stand the douch bag´s face on the left, its always the same. Also, if it wasnt for sexy chivettes this site would have NO original content, even the themes of the posts are borrowed from other sites.

      • Maurice James Girvan

        Yeah, get a new face, ffs!

        Erm, where do you get new faces, btw, Jamal?

  • Anonymous

    Funny #3

  • zombierangoon

    #6 WHAT. Cute overload.

  • Denton

    Panda's Suck. I just don't understand peoples fascination with them.

    • truth

      Same here. They are a fucking bear, what's the fascination with them? Cute and cuddly? Hell no. They will maul a person just the same as a black bear would. Pandas are so damned imbred that they don't want to procreate anymore. The more a person knows about them, the less they should be admired.

      • TheBAMFinater

        They're not a bear.

        • truth

          A quick trip over to the Smithsonian National Zooligical Park and you would see they are bears. Again, the more you learn about these creatures, the less you should admire them.

        • Afghanistan2011

          The giant panda, or panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, literally meaning "black and white cat-foot") is a bear native to central-western and south western China.

    • Paula_

      Well… you just answered your own question.

      – the one you love to hate

      • truth

        A response from Paula….holy shit.

  • Rusty Short

    I laughed at #3

  • AssClown

    #18 Oh my…better hope that's a girl's mouth, otherwise I'm a total fudge packer…

  • Stafferty

    If no one has ever heard of Jim Jeffries, look up his "pandas" rant. HILARIOUS.

  • Holy Hell

    #18. I know your not supposed to feed the bears.
    This one should be fed.

    • DiirtMcgirt

      a pens

  • AssClown

    #15 #25 Youtube: Panda Cheese Commercial. NOW!!

    • NaNaNaMatmaN

      Hell yes! "Get one more"… grocery store commercial is best

  • os99

    #23 "Yeah, we're cute. Now are you gonna come here and fuck or what?"

    • caleb


  • EasternCanuck

    #18 "insert here"

  • gordon


  • Joe

    I've eaten Panda before. It was pretty gross, so I threw pretty much all of it away…

  • Coldzilla

    #8 This is a Panda

    #1 This is a Panda on drugs

    Any questions?

  • loso

    how come we never see vikings on dogs sled being pulled by Panda bears?

    or russians with machine guns riding Panda bears into battle?

  • Sw0rdF1sh

    #20 Sucking your own dick FAIL

  • BMW

    Awww. And this wasn't even an awww post. #1 #12 #24

  • daily hurl
  • daily hurl


  • TWON925

    if this was a sublimital way for me to get Panda Express for luch today congrats you win

  • pooper

    internet win

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