Everything on the internet is true (29 photos)

  • dave

    #29 the difference is he's not imaginary

  • NebraskaGuy

    #10 Some Chivers have mentioned this, but I can't believe no one has truly gotten the relationship between a pencil and a cassette.


    Damned right I'm old and proud of it!

    • BloodScrubber

      Hell, I still splice broken 8 track tapes. :p

      • NebraskaGuy

        Lol BloodScrubber … fuck yeah!!

        8-tracks were the shit, back in the day, except for the annoying "CLICK' in the middle of songs when changing tracks. Kinda sucked for recording, but still something today's kids know nothing about 😉

    • Stan_Dalone

      NG I can't remember how many I had to fix with a pen or pencil old is a matter of perspective

  • Nebo

    Let’s keep discussion about religion off the chive!

    • Anonymous

      Shut up lol

  • Bubba

    #24 Seagul management: fly in, screamlike crazy, shit all over the place and fly out.

  • Matt

    #29 is a pseudointellectual Yawn, and not terribly original at that. In no known, verifiable instance, and at no point in recorded history, has order been legitimately observed springing from chaos without the intervention of intelligence practically applied. To surmise, then that, in all likelyhood, it has never happened is completely Rational, and fits quite nicely with Occam's Razor. How sad for the atheist that the world of those accepting the existence of an Intelligent Creator is not populated primarily by raging lunatics nor ignorant hayseeds: it would make the job of dismissing us out of hand so much easier.

    • Doug

      Hey “Matt:” Athiests don’t knock intelligent design, they knock organized religions and their versions of what that intelligence is. Huge difference. Athiests never came close to claiming some form of intelligence could not have created what we know, they just don’t buy into the biblical versions, (God did it, nuff said) rather leaving the door open for more current, rational thought than 2000 year old ideas stolen from thousands of years older religions. So how do you define “intelligence?” Something that MUST resemble a human being, or at the very least hold humans in extremely high regard?

      • Capt Obvious

        I think you have atheism and agnosticism confused. Atheists do not believe in any supreme being. Godless, therefore no chance for intelligent design. It has nothing to do with organized religion. Perhaps an anti-theist would, hell, most non practicing religious types I know, turn their nose up to what organized religion has become. Agnostics are on the fence. Most are open minded and will listen to both sides, but until irrefutable proof is found they will remain in the middle.

        • Matt

          Thank you, Capt. Obvious; the other day, I had a round-and-round discussion on the same subject with someone whose only arguments were mere negation and ridicule, but insisted nonetheless that he was an "agnostic". I have great respect for agnostics, who at least have the humility to admit that they Simply Don't Know, and who retain an open mind. As for what organized religion has become (which troubles me as well), one must have some specific organized religion[s] (or denominations) in mind, as I'm sure you do, or be guilty of mere broad-brush generalization. Interesting discussion, all; thanks.

    • Brett

      Assuming by order that you mean life itself, then your argument on that front is invalid. Life is not necessarily ordered. At one point in time chemical reactions became contained inside of a lipid enclosure. Since then there has been a gradual evolution that has not been designed "intelligently". If it were then there wouldnt be so many failed forms of life. The reason we have the diversity of life we have today is that over BILLIONS of years random mutations happened in DNA(irrefutable by the way) and beneficial mutations allowed that organism to survive. This in not intelligence, this is just billions of years of chance occurences creating creatures that have the ability to survive

      • Matt

        Wonderful theory. Unobserved and unverifiable (as you might say of God's existence; a pot-vs-kettle argument). Also, Evolution — evidence for which exists even within the observable world (as with, say the Kaibab squirrel) and need not be presumed God-less — is entirely beside the point, unless you are confusing the rational assumption of a Creator's existence with wild-eyed fundamentalism.

  • coolaid

    #25 ıts true.. it came korea,vietnam,south america,ıraq(twice),afghanistan… and now hanging some arabian countries..s**t !!

    • Stan_Dalone

      people when educated, yearn for freedom. It is simple. in all the countries that are mentioned had uneducated people. When people learned there were better ways of life than to be slaves, surfs and drones. They wanted and now want that freedom and are willing to die for that freedom. Revolution comes from within a country first. Yes education comes from outside sources and those learning tools are radio, internet and cell phones all known as technology. Arab spring came cause people got tired oif their oppression, did we help you bet we did. nothing wrong with that.

  • calm

    #29 Wow, people getting defensive about this. It's a joke guys, calm down. No crusades or jihads necessary.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761074582 Jessica Condrey

    "They have set us up the Bomb! All your base are belong to us."

  • Luke

    #19 has a Photoshop fail. The scratch on the K is the same.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brad.bagby Brad Bagby

    #15 Soooo very true…but pretending that last season didn't happen (except Dogen, that dude was bad ass)

    • Jacob

      I liked the last season.

  • chanley1

    by far the best post I've seen in a while. Good Job!!

  • ReedJeffery287

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  • Anonymous


  • Aheals

    #23 There's no I in team,
    But there's a ME in team,
    an I in WIN
    and you U in cunt.

    That's how I know the quote to be!

  • Namé

    Wow, that Matt guy is kind of a pretentious dick..

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  • Rick

    #2, villain's accuracy, same as drive-bys IRL.

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