Russia has their own brand of douchebag (26 Photos)

As many of you know, one of my hobbies is lurking on Russian websites. I think the country has some of the most beautiful women in the world but I've also noticed that many of these women are dating for status only. There are some obvious parallels to American culture here for sure. The difference is the douche. I believe the American douchebag might actually be greasier but the Russianbag has a creep factor I can't quite explain.

* Some of the included photos of females only are not douchebaguettes. They're just smoking hot Russian women *

  • Vaughan412

    there is a strange serial killer quality to the Russianbag???

  • THT

    #17 – guy on the right, "de plane de plane!"

  • SizeableSac

    25 is awesome actually

  • Cord11

    Number #10 – To Catch a Predator D Bag. How old is that girl? D Bag kind of looks like Putin! And Numbers #12 and #13 – Please tone down the hairy chest displays! 1982 called…

  • Goomba in Kandahar

    #12 Cool hair bro…. Btw fuck Paula

  • Jerry L. Young

    #1 looks like the gay kid from glee.

  • Grodon

    #11 MOAR!!!!! oh, and find her

  • topher1979

    Some of these guys don't really look like douchebags, just lucky. #3 #8 for example

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Now theys people are just wrong…LOL

  • justaguy

    #11 looks delicious

  • headless

    these women are gorgeous

  • Josh S

    the russianbags just seem to be fat old me or homosexuals….

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  • Badmedicine

    22. Handjob under the table???? I’m ok with that.

  • sexual

    Can anyone say chernobyl

  • coldcuts@more

    @#19 WTF is that thing? looks like dobbie and andy dick's love child. god damn i messed my self.

  • DarkAsdestiny


  • Sausage The Giant

    I think #16 and #17 are probs just gays. Nothing wrong with gays

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