Russia has their own brand of douchebag (26 Photos)

As many of you know, one of my hobbies is lurking on Russian websites. I think the country has some of the most beautiful women in the world but I've also noticed that many of these women are dating for status only. There are some obvious parallels to American culture here for sure. The difference is the douche. I believe the American douchebag might actually be greasier but the Russianbag has a creep factor I can't quite explain.

* Some of the included photos of females only are not douchebaguettes. They're just smoking hot Russian women *

  • Patrick

    #19 = Russian Smeagle

  • Claude M.

    so – douchebag is just a synonym for "straight guy"?

  • chez18788

    #19 looks like fievels all grown up. (Fievel goes west)

  • Creeper

    #12 #13
    I'm… too sexy for my sisters… and my mom…

  • boatdrinks4u2

    My favorite story about russian douches is when I landed in Moscow and went straight to a business meeting with a russian friend, a russian banker and a couple other russian guys who I really couldn't tell what their exact roll was. All four guys were wearing $2K Italian suits and were sporting the fucking greatest mullets of I have ever seen. I had to have my wife there to translate the stuff I couldn't understand. Anyways, we go to this cafe that the banker has part ownership in to talk shop…mind you I had a few cocktails on the flight from Chitown so I was feeling good about myself… The (smoking hot) waitress comes over and asks what we want to drink. All four of the russian guys order cranberry juice (called compot which is actually really good). I ordered a red bull and vodka because I was fading fast and needed a little pick me up. The waitress brings the drinks out in glasses that have really wide and short bowls…like something you would drink a chianti out of…. the weird part was they had straws that were almost 1.5 times as long as the straws we use here in 'merica.

    • boatdrinks4u2

      It looked physically impossible for the straw to stay in the glass…then these guys start drinking out of the straws!!! wtf? what man drinks out of a fucking straw if it doesn't come from a fast food place. anyways, i get my red bull and vodka, bend that straw over the side of the glass and pound the shit out not one but three quick ones while these donkeys are still on their first compot. Big Mistake!!! I had to leave ever 5 fucking minutes to take a piss…they asked my wife if I was on drugs. Cool Story Bro…

  • pete

    not a duckface was given that day

  • Chris Arabian

    The creepy factor of Ruskybags is a combination of things:

    1. Most look like EuroTrash
    2. Some look like Russian Mafia Euro Trash
    3. Most are just regular guys with douchebag clothes and hairstyles.
    4. Most don't work out or stay in shape or take 'roids. At least North American Douchebags try to look somewhat healthy. Ruskybags don't even try.
    5. Most Ruskybags look efeminite

  • winfields

    #2 creepy guy in the background, same as the guy in #17 ??

  • Allenavw

    #15 His hand looks shopped. It's weirdly proportioned.

  • LyinKing

    Without reading another post I'm going to assume someone has already pointed out that all these guys look like typical male Russian club heads.

    In fact by this measurement i would say a Russian d-bag is called a…..Russian citizen.

  • superhumano

    Sorry, Chive, America beats Russia…

  • Miha Perhavec

    Money. Give your Guidos the kind of money these guys have and you'll get a newer, higher level of douchebagness…

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #16 "Hi, my name is Yuri, and I am your gay, I mean, your barman for tonight. Your coc*, I mean, your drinks will be ready in a second. Please wait patiently while I douche myself some more."

    Honestly maybe they aren't all that bad, they just lack some man hormones? Then again, what's worse…douchebags or women that suck them dry? (money wise of course).

  • john stamos

    is #19 looking for his precious?

  • paul

    #8 is my 10th grade chemistry teacher….hes german

  • 1ch3nt31

    Find the one on the left
    find her

  • UHF

    They are douchsters…

  • jbob

    uhhhh these kinda just look like normal people doing normal things?

  • APtroll

    Well, the North hemisphere of this planet must be sterilized, Hiroshima style. After what american, norvegian and russian dudes turned into… yeah, pretty much "nuke'em all"

  • waltgator

    #2 wtf is that in background!?

  • takens05

    #14 bet they are related..

  • BloodScrubber

    #13 John Travolta called. He wants his suit back.
    *cue the Saturday Night Fever music

  • RoboUnicorn

    #17 Is Sergey Zverev, russian celebrity/douche nozzle,
    "Звезда в шоке"

  • Da Sandman

    not nearly as much douchery as america… not even close

  • johkur

    Should we call them douchebagovs?

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