theCHIVE iPhone app nightmare

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a apple deathstar theCHIVE iPhone app nightmare
Dear Chivers,

TheCHIVE’s iPhone app (or lack thereof) has been a punchline on theCHIVE for many months now. What many of you might not know is we’ve spent considerable time and cost finishing an amazing app for y’all. We’re very proud of it, and we’d love to share it, but Apple seems to think the world doesn’t deserve it. Here’s the story.

Apple has been denying theCHIVE iPhone app for approval due to “objectionable content” for over 4 months now. We have submitted the app over 10 times now and have hit a dead end in the appeals process. Apple won’t even offer a detailed explanation as to why they are denying the app, other than it’s “objectionable”. This is why they have a “17+ Rating” which we are happy to apply to this app, but that doesn’t matter..

As some of you already know, once upon a time, we had a CHIVE app live in the Apple store. It was built by a third party company who approached us right after we started theCHIVE in 2008. They built the app for free in exchange for a rev-share on advertising (on the free version) and paid downloads (on the $.99 version). This was awesome at the time because we had no money to pay to build an app or knew who to approach to have it done.

The foreign company who built this app never paid us in full. But even worse, this company had complete control of our apps, which were very buggy and prone to crash. It just made us look bad and it was out of our hands to fix.

Our solution was to build our own apps in-house and regain complete control of everything, which we did. We hired a reputable developer to rebuild the apps but it was under the Resignation Media developers account on Apple. The app is nearly identical of our original app, minus the glitches, with a couple extra bells and whistles.

Here’s the kicker, we had the original CHIVE apps removed from Apple’s app store so we could upload our own, but they denied us AFTER they had already let us in!

Apple set a precedent by allowing the original CHIVE app to be available in their store in the first place and then they shut the door behind us.

So we need your help. If any Chivers know anyone at Apple in or around the app approvals department, please pass on our plea to have them allow the app. Please help us.

Thanks and Chive On!

John and Leo

PS – I know all you Android users are reading this and are wondering “What about us?!” We want to build an Android app. We will build an Android app. BUT we have been holding off because we want the Android app to mirror the functionality of the iphone app. We were waiting for the iPhone app to go live before hiring a developer to build the Android app so they can reference the functionality of the live iphone app, so we don’t have to wire-frame it from scratch.

ANDROID UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we will build the Android app as soon as possible.

  • kenny

    I’m enjoying the app off the WP7 phone and loving it
    Apples going down and android and Microsoft will take over yeeeeeaaaaauuuuhhhh

  • Laurier Rochon

    Seems to be out however galleries are not showing up in any kind of order and a lot seem to be missing. Any time line on a working app?

  • Missing_app

    Anyone missing their app too?

  • Jimmy

    Everyone needs to email apple and demand that the app is released. Fill out and submit this form to apple a bunch of times. if enough people do this it might help.

  • http://chive whats up with the app?

    I downloaded chives but it never showed up? Hope its released soon

  • Chris leslie

    Hey guys, it was like looking into a mirror reading this blog post. My previous company had done the same thing and to this day and continue to feel the effects of that decision.

    Since, I’ve moved organization to amazing company who produces amazing content based here in vegas. I’ve had your iPhone app for awhile now and admire the ease of use, speed and functionality of you iOS app. My question to you is. Would you be willing wo work with me and fill me in on the developer you brought In to redesign your apps? One of the sites I have recently take. On is : I am focusing on 2 things this year, the first is taking SpyOn mobile. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. My contact is

    Thank you,


  • http://thechive mike

    This is bullshit.

  • Scrumdiddilyumptious

    This app is a fucking prison
    On planet bullshit
    In the galaxy of this sucks camels dick
    Bring back the babes

  • Josh Volpe

    So this is what happened again in a nutshell? Apple freaked out because of the content on a 17+ app? So sports illustrated can have swim suit edition app with girls in body paint but somehow the chive is offensive? Kids who r not 17 should not even have a damn iPhone

  • Goat

  • Paul85

    Bring back chive;(

  • Mike ryan

    Bring chive back NOW

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