• myNameIs

    So true..

  • Mike Flow

    wow…just wow

  • Ray

    Thats moymoy palaboy! they have so many of these videos on youtube

    the girl in the video is RHAIN RAMOS

  • mtella88

    FIND HER!!!

  • superhumano

    She was trying to look silly, but she still looked sexy to me…

  • Peter Vigil Jr.

    Her name is Rhian Ramos. Here is her Twitter:!/whianwamos She is SMOKING HOT

  • Anonymous

    It’s Moy moy and palaboy. (Filipino) they have tons of videos just like this.

  • Colin

    T mobile Girl!

  • Peter Vigil Jr.

    There is a better quality version on Break and YouTube. Just search for Rhian Ramos

  • David

    FIND! HER!

  • hyperferrianism

    I want to have her babies.

  • extroidn8

    Not one of their best but the girl makes it totally worth it!

  • Ed-word

    That guy on the right stole the show for me. So emotive, hahaha!

  • Tin52

    Am I the only one that noticed the dude on the left has a lisp?

  • myawfulroommate

    girl is hot but that song is just annoying as shit, almost crashed my car the other day trying to turn it off.


  • Landlubber77

    So we're allowed to say the n-word as long as we lip sync it? This. Changes. Everything.

  • mooseknuckle420

    a 6 at best. i hate that song. those pinos are nothing out of the ordinary. doesnt qualify for best lip sync video. damn brittany spears does better than that on tour.

  • Martin Dugas

    Can't tell if a chic…….or an attractive dude. Doesn't matter. Don't trust em.

    • alvin

      i assure you she's a 100% lady haha she's an actress in the philippines

    • gee

      if she's an attractive dude, does that make you gay?

  • Mario Vazquez

    the name MoyMoyPalaboys from philipines famous im mexico in venga la alegria tv show

  • Alisia

    she said N*GG**…. just saying…

    • mooseknuckle420

      who doesnt? just saying……

  • pnpking_

    very cool,,,, but how those two weirdos get to be hangin out with that chick ? ha

  • WickDaddy

    Typical pinoy

  • Bob

    this chick is damn good looking tho!

    • mooseknuckle420

      4.98765738 and thats tranny score, looks a lil many yet anorexic at the same time. to each there own

  • nick

    favourite part were the random asians passing by all with the same quizzical wtf look on their face…

  • howhighami

    girl's pretty fucking hot.

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