• chan

    cool bro!

  • Jaymar Ramirez Panlilio

    Shes an actress here in the Philippines. just one of the most loved faces on television. her name is Rhian Ramos. all those guys in the video were actually television actors/comedian.

  • prune

    the best part was the people in the background trying to get face time with the camera.

  • kydee

    SHE IS A HE!

    • alvin

      hahaha NOT. she's an actress in the philippines

    • gee

      you're contradicting yourself. didn't they teach you grammar at school?

  • saki

    Rhian Ramos – Filipina actress. FOUND HER!

  • xaotikdesigns

    To quote my girlfriend, "What the hell are you listening to?" and "This is just terrible"

  • Short Bus All Stars

    asians are just fucking weird…

  • chasce

    Rhian Ramos of ph.

  • alvin

    she is RHIAN RAMOS…a famous young actress in the philippines

  • Jay

    That hot girl is a famous celebrity in the Philippines. I know cause I used her once for a quickie. Her FHM photo at least. lols

    • leon


  • loop
  • Sad Panda is sad

    Super hot asian chick, would stick my P in th V

  • Kurosan

    Moy Moy Palaboy, very funny guys. Tons of stuff on YouTube – a personal fav is

  • Daimon Fernandes

    The chick's name is Rhian Ramos. She is a local celeb here in Manila

  • Womp

    any one else notice the person walking around in the background?

  • KHfan4evr

    The guys have really hysterical faces…

  • Destiny

    This video is awesome. The girl has a beautiful smile to go with it.

  • Pops

    Is it just me or does the guy on the left look like Lil Wayne?

  • mo twister

    In case you ignorant white fucks don't notice, they're just being silly. it's fucking intentional. geez. you should google her ex-boyfriend Mo Twister. That guy's more entertaining (and annoying if i may add).

  • Humanity

    every single one of those people is fucking awesome. and that girl is mind blowing. MIND BLOWING. Find her please.

  • Killer Flange

    Fucking cannibals

  • DeChristo

    2:45 – Gotta love female chest poppin'

  • anon

    i wanna be bff's with these ppl.

  • JefDev

    That girl in the video is Rhian Ramos, she's a TV host/actress here in the Philippines

  • pauli


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