• Rolis

    She is super cute, i can show her how my bed goes superbase

  • zMills

    Make her an honorary Chivette!

  • acoustrix

    these guys did another video without the girl that was actually a lot more funny. that girl is wow though, so this one is a win.

  • Norwegian

    She looks amazing!! 🙂

  • Jimmer

    i dont think i know that many Asian people let alone have them all in one room.

  • Anonymous


  • ravendark

    The girl’s name is Rhian Ramos. She’s a local actress in the Philippines. Cute, huh?

    The two guys are known collectively as “moymoy palaboy”. They make parodies of pop songs. They have their own channel in youtube.

  • elroger

    Moy Moy Palaboy have a twisted sense of humor, you should check what they did to bieber's "baby , bay baby" song

  • reznor

    This video raises more questions than it answers

  • mokash

    what questions do this video raise? it was awesome

  • R. Trey Gonsalez

    If there was someway to edit the old lady checking in out this would be 10x better!

  • sooo

    that chick is way to hot to be friends with those guys. it was pretty damn funny though.

  • alferig

    TheChive… i think u have a ''find her'' task now…

  • T-dat

    Looks like that nuke fucked em up more than we thought!

  • Grey

    Watching this with the sound off at work is rather surreal.

  • keyser

    Chick is Filipina actress Rhian Ramos

  • spaceboi

    rhian ramos

    not american.

  • BSchnizz

    I've never seen such a hot chick surrounded by such ugly people. Seriously. Look at the people in the background too. Just terrible.

  • Fico

    Can't. Stop. Watching.

  • aiyayay

    she's half Brit half Filipina

  • DirtyDougie

    She should probably get a photo shoot…just sayin MOAR!!!

  • DJ!

    Dear Chive…….FIND HER!!!!

  • Guest


  • Steve

    Please find this girl

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