Build a cool house for less than $5,000 (17 photos)

This little forest bungalow was built by Simon Dale his family in Wales. He built it with his father-in-law for less than $5,000 using resources found in the surrounding forest and very little pre-cut wood and other fixtures. He was moved into the house within 4 month of starting the build.


  • ckret

    5000 dollar hobbit hole, good for you, I would be more impressed if you were 3 foot 2 and built it.

  • Hanny

    Doesn't quite explain how to build a house …. I mean the most crucial stages like floors and wall – what were they made of? If those can be answered, maybe the US can survive the coming depression.

  • WEB

    I call bullshit

  • Onur Roll

    Spiders Eeeeek!!!!!!!

  • skye

    i love it. actually i'm really jelly of you. great place ya got there.

  • Waty

    Now thats what you call a tree huger…

  • Judy

    I do like what you have done. I’m glad you were able to get your resources locally. I wished I had that availability.I do have to have a more updated home due to the subfividion. May I ask how you completed your electrical source.My intentions is to use solar myself. Congrations on a beautiful home.

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