Cowgirls vs. Indians (30 Photos)

  • Jeff

    Cowgirls win for me: #11 #13 & #23

  • Mike Dixon

    WTF! Its bad enough that this site IS 90% Skinny white chicks with fake boobs. Now even the indians are skinny white chicks. Next up is African FLBP featuring more skinny white chicks.

    • Brian

      Lighten up, man. The cowgirls aren't any more "real" than the indians. It's just a bunch of hot chicks playing dress up, don't need to be anything more than that. Don't know why you'd want it to be either. Its the Chive, not the Smithsonian.

      And, #24 FTW.

  • dalesq

    #11 looks delicious. Nom nom nom…

  • Whiskyb

    A real cowgirl is worth as much as a good dog or reliable truck

  • Guest

    I see more crazy hipster bitces in the Indian section….. Go cowgirls!!!!!

  • DoomsDayDub

    #21 – well I'm headed home to my place…. so hop in!

  • Matt

    With all due respect (not much, I'm afraid), those are not "Indians." Those are dipshit white girl models wearing dipshit cliché costumes. And I'm not writing this because I'm politically correct, I'm writing this because I'm Indian–REAL Indian, not the "my great-grandmother was Cherokee but we can't prove it except I have a dreamcatcher" kind. I have no problem with cheesy photos of hot girls–hell, that describes the Chive! And I love The Chive!–it's just that as soon as "Indians" ever comes up on the internet, it means face paint by Maybelline, jokes about "peace pipes," etc.

    • Franklin1138

      Now THAT is the way you write a "this-is-a-stupid-post" post. You, sir, have made your point with a well-thought-out statement that uses proper grammar and punctuation. I may sound like I'm joking, but I'm totally serious. And I can definitely appreciate your sentiments. I live in a state where there is a large Native American population, and there are many, many beautiful girls within it. It's a shame the Chive chose hipsters over the real thing, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they probably thought it might be construed as stirring up REAL racial issues, so they went the safe and cheezy route.

  • Yessirr

    #21 Dear diary.. jackpot!

  • Slotwookie

    # 21 I been looking for the road my entire life.

  • Jason Davis

    Hands down Indians. Every single one of them is perfectly, perferct…… i want on of each!!!!

  • Ryan

    Too close to call on this one…not for a lack of intense staring though. I think the only true way to know who would win is some KY or Jello wrestling….or see which side could last longer riding my "Tatonka" 🙂

  • Anotherdissatisfiedcustomer

    The chivery sucks balls. Don’t ever buy shoes from them. If you do expect ruined crap that won’t be exchanged. Fuck you John bob Leo and fag the intern. I hate you.

    • Mac the Intern

      Lol you didn't even spell my name right.

  • oliverklosov

    Cowgirls all the way #11 #13 #21

  • Thedontom

    #11 #13 #21 are amazing

    Granted the “Indians” are just costumes, they are all cute

  • Matt

    Here's a REAL Chive-Worthy Indian babe:

    Google jana mashonee

  • BillyBob

    The cowgirls beat the indians!

  • JFyn

    #24 Gets my vote

  • Anonymous

    7 9 11 &21 Cowgirls win dam

  • SteveMcQueen

    These cowgirl posts are the BEST!!!!!!!

  • Allen Goethe

    Jesus Christ,,I just need to go lie down now…..

  • Your Name Here

    #7 #11 #23

  • Althing

    I see no Indians or Native Americans. I live in NM where there are plenty and trust me, I have NEVER seen one look as good as the models in these pictures.

  • Roady

    hot tomalas

  • morebeer

    Hello all nationalities of the world, send out yo hot chicks….I like you all!!

  • Brian


    Jesus, people, lighten the fuck up! The cowgirls aren’t any more “real” than the indians. Both are just hot chics playing dress up. Doesn’t have to be anything more than that and I don’t know why you’d want it to be. Its the Chive, not the Smithsonian.

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