Cowgirls vs. Indians (30 Photos)

  • whit

    The title should be cowgirls vs. white girls dressed as native americans but FAIL horribly. Put in a little more effort next time and find some real native girs cuz they're more beautiful than those girls posing as one. And some of the comments that say they just look like hipsters, I'll have to agree. Being a Native American myself, I do NOT look like a hipster, even when I am dressed in a traditional way. Thank you very much.

    • tbone

      ever heard of people dressing up? this is the point of this post

  • Taylor Klemm

    Cowgirls win. #24 is the only indian even putting up a fight.

    • trollface.jpg

      indians were winning till #11 and #13 fucked shit up.

  • JackFrost

    #11 FTW!

  • vince

    #17 barefoot cowgirl in Australia

  • sniggi

    There isn't a single Indian on this whole page

  • KHfan4evr

    Interesting cowgirl kick lately… debating on sending photos.

  • Maynard B.

    #11, #13- That most definitely works for me.

  • Matt

    These dont look like the Indians where I come from in Manitoba.

    Replace the hot chicks with drunks passed out in the bush with bottles of 5 star and asking for smokes and thats about the picture that we get here.

  • Danny

    Nothin' wrong with #1. Hot girls in cowboy hats is always good.

  • Logan

    Cowgirls by a LOOOOOONG SHOT

  • Matthew Cleaver

    #24 Utterly gorgeous

  • manchakattack


  • melee4life

    peyote and indians….

  • dano

    #24 can smoke my peace pipe any day of the week!!

  • Bob

    #2 wow…………………………………………………

  • kiwus

    give me a gps coordinates to this 'wild west' of yours 'mericans :>

  • Rockchalk

    #21 Just tried to slam on the brakes at my desk.

  • Donovan

    Women come in all shapes and sizes, same goes with native women. You’ll find some nice hotties, and you find a butterface too! But same could be said about all other races all over the world. But to degrade a whole nationality because of the women you find and take advantage of passed out in a ditch is pure lowlife bullshit!

  • Commando00

    In the infamous words of General Custer…"Damn look at all them indians"!!

    give me #30 any day!!

  • todd

    #13 looks like both, winner…

  • Mike

    yay lets smoke on top of hay bales loaded on a truck full of gasoline yay. this belongs in the proof that women are crazy post.

  • BobZebart

    As a Native American, this post deeply offends me…. and makes me horny!

  • N8dawg

    Its not "indians" its Natives you friggin douches. And how about using actual Native girls? Way sexier that anorexic Barbie in a head dress. Thanks

  • addictedchiver

    cowgirls all the way

  • Fstino

    Indians never had a chance!!!!

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