Cowgirls vs. Indians (30 Photos)

  • Guillaumescf

    It's a tie. I'll want to play with both!
    Chive on from the netherlands!

  • Guy

    A few feathers and some paint does not make an indian.

  • p1babyarm

    #11 #29 That's why I live in Texas

  • Gabriel

    #30 vs #5 would be my final 2

  • TheBigKahuna

    #2 is one of the most beautiful girls i've seen on The Chive. please find her

  • Eddie


  • nbdy

    Why can't we have both?

  • laelow

    #21 FTW.

  • Cowboy Christie

    Why didn’t I go to school in the south?!…

  • rnr

    I'll take a cowgirl any day. I've never seen an Indian chick with an ass.

  • Tj Hager

    Cowgirls definitely win #11 could have done it single handedly

    • Custer

      I’m with you TJ, if I had #11, they would have never talked about my last stand…..

  • bigsteve

    #11 slays the competition! Coyboys win all day

  • BDBD

    Indians win!

  • hutbed

    I bet #11 can shag like a minx.

  • Ferdinand

    #2 – They win!

  • A"Indian"

    Though sexy, I can't quite not see how ignorant this is, borderline racist, and if you disagree, yes you are racist.

    • Anonymous

      Quit being such a sensitive little bitch; you don’t like it do not look at it and get off the site; YOU RAT

      • Yourmutha

        I agree: it is meant to be a joke; you could say the same about the FAKE COWGIRLS; they are meant to look hot, but doubt any of them are really cowgirls…. MR. SENSITIVE

  • mark

    Cowgirls take it hands down

  • Chris Lewis

    Indians for sure.

  • toekneec

    the cowgirls were winning late in the 4th. But choked. Indians win after Pick-69 from Romo!

  • Gavin M Nadeau

    Most of these girls aren't even Indian.

  • Daniel

    "Why not have both?"

  • iSmelly

    If you have boots on your automatically a cowgirl and paint and feathers make you Native

  • Eddie C

  • stukesm4

    #22 #24 – Reasons why i vote Indians

  • bkfrijoles

    #29 awesome

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