Cowgirls vs. Indians (30 Photos)

  • Franklin1138

    Gonna go with #13, #26, and there's something really hot about #27.

  • Jack

    #7 does she know that gun is cocked?

  • R. Trey Gonsalez

    Up until #6, this was a valid argument…

  • Jack

    And her finger is on the trigger?

  • Jack

    #7 trigger fingers, cocked guns, WTF?

  • Kenderick Salliego

    Natives? not really but hot regardless!! oh i'm navajo by the way and we got some hotties down this way.

  • Godfather


  • Batotij

    Cowgirls all my life."..i love it all….

  • Chef

    Almost all those “native” chicks werent natives! They looked more like hipsters, FUCKING hipsters!

  • Josh Amundson

    How about a different vs. gallery each week? There's plenty of themes to choose from. For example leather vs. lace and so on… It's something to think about.

  • crackfiend76

    Cowgirls without a doubt. None of the "indian" girls even look authenticly native.

  • Mark Tuquero

    Can it be "and" instead of "vs?" Can't we all just get along?? LOL

  • wanker

    #24 "it must be love, love, love"

  • rooster

    #11 and #13 win it for the cowgirls!

  • dpdanavyguy

    i was totally rooting for indians but cowgirls won tht

  • Alister

    #21: how about in your ass?


  • Rob

    #11 all the way!

  • Fubar

    #11 Cowgirls all the way

  • Curt

    In the name of peace and harmony, I will gladly take both.

  • tbaker67

    indifference is bliss

  • Adam

    this should be called "White girls with cowboy hats & boots VS. white girls dressed like Indians"… I guess MAYBE one of the "Indians" is 1/18 Cherokee or some crap like that…

  • PeckDolly

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  • chicago

    #11 and #25 G-O-D D-A-M-N I vote Cowgirls.

  • Larry


  • KHanson25

    I think I'm in love with #1…through #30

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