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  • Stan_Dalone

    #24 Rin Tin Tin #15 #32 you never stand so tall as when you stoop low to talk to a child

  • Helvetii

    #2 – That Dog is at every protest!

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #3 Has the Luftwaffe had to cut their budget *THAT* deeply?

    • @BuiltFerdTough

      yea they're only teaching half their soldiers how to properly blouse their boots haha

  • Franklin1138

    #23. "Watch out for hop-ons. You WILL get some hop-ons."

  • Eliana

    I LOVE, love this picture Gretchen. I cant bveeile you can capture these moments with all of the chaos that goes on during these visits! It is almost impossible to get all 3 of them to sit together, but you DID IT!! Yahhh G!

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