More scientific proof chicks are crazy (31 photos)

  • michaeledmondsjr

    #7 maybe hotter than the guy, but you've got some competition below!

    • Doofenshmirtz

      Agreed! FIND HER!!!

  • Syraphym

    #10 I don't care if she is crazy she is still hot.

  • Careful

    Your best friend's mom is a cam whore?

  • Dave


    SMG still hot…

  • josp

    #13 GTFO she’s from RUSSIA 4shure

  • Frank Prill

    #19 Grandma Palin!!

  • mkoro

    #16 i sure wouldn't complain if i opened my freezer to find that (still breathing ofc)

  • Eddie C

  • bkfrijoles

    Bitches be Crazy

  • Aaron Karns

    #22 is fucking sexy

  • Franklin1138

    #20 makes me think of that line from "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,"

    "Harry didn’t think that he did a very good job, so he grabbed the nearest thing to hand, which just so happened to be a 15 inch black rubber cock, and proceeded to beat poor old Smithy to death with. And that was seen as a nice way to go. Now, that, is why you pay Hatchet Harry, when you owe."

  • Clover

    #12 "I'm gonna pretend you're the New York Knicks!"

  • wanker

    #11 find her and I'm proposing to her

  • justaguy

    #16 I told you to keep the freezer closed or she will never shut up

  • justaguy

    #20 looks like a fun group of girls who would be very appreciative to have a real c**k instead of a toy. Challenge accepted!

  • Dirkler

    What’s the story behind #24? I really want to know…

  • bridgemaster

    #23 is steven tyler…

  • Josh

    Sarah Palin's high school photo.

    • Josh


  • Ramnath. Pai. P

    #31 barney is never worng

  • PeckDolly

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  • Nerd_Rage

    I keep seeing #1 every time I come back to the Chive…. I think I'm in love!

  • Bob

    #3…doesn't count, they're at a rave, they're all crazy.

  • Nachoooo

    #30 They got "rights"

  • Anonymous

    #16 would get all I’ve got for hours, and then I could close the door and keep her fresh for next time.

  • hutbed

    #16 would get everything I've got in me for hours, then I could close the door and she'd stay fresh 'til next time.

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