• laelow

    Mr. Jobs, you have made my life and my family life easier, funnier and your laptop got me through school. Thank-You and R.I.P. 🙂

  • John

    Not many people realize he had a lot to do with Pixar being what they are today. Aside from his innovations and contributions to technology. You will be missed!

  • Eduardo

    RIP and thanks to the twentyone century MAN..see you in the matrix?????

  • Apple

    As much as I make fun of Apple, I do know how much they've changed our technology and are just as good at some things that a PC cannot do. And just to remind everyone:
    Steve Jobs didn't just create Apple. He jump started Pixar. He donated about 10 grand to help get it started. Without that, we would not have Toy Story, The Incredibles, and a multitude of other great movies.

    Read about his life, its worth it.

  • Livewire

    properly shocked when i heard this this morning. R.i.p. Steve. thanks for everything.

  • Iam_Dave

    RIP. I heard God needs some new hardware…you're in luck!

  • Moe

    True Genius.
    With that said he was also an asshole to ppl

  • Derk

    "Here’s to the crazy ones. The ones who see things differently. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." – Steve Jobs.

  • Archer

    Looks like Microsoft won in the end
    to soon

    • TAMZ

      Without Jobs' input, there would be no Microsoft!! BLAM!! Looks like I won, BITCH!!

  • naoh

    Steve Jobs. He makes indispensable, what we do not need !!!!

  • Διαχειριστής

    10.000 kids die every day from malnutrition: no one gives a fuck
    steeve Jobs dies: everyone cries

    • TAMZ

      Not true, you must not watch tv. Those kids are plastered on there all of the time as they should be. His news will end but the news of those suffering children will never. God, just be!!!

    • John

      We mourn the loss of a man who changed the world. It would not be too much to say that the technology Steve Jobs invented has saved millions.

  • Eric


  • petefromtheUK

    A brilliant mind. A brilliant man. One of the greatest innovative forces of our time

  • Bill Gates

    Even God found a Job in this economy…

  • Brian

    Steve Wozniak.

  • manchakattack

    Why not Bill Gates?

    • dirtysteve99

      So, have a laugh at a dead man's expense – moral outcry,
      Have a laugh at wishing death on a living individual – s'ok?

  • Chris

    Oh boy, can't wait for the 'shops with this one. I think I just won $50 in the office death pool.

  • wanker

    he's an iCon

  • Mr. J

    Fuck, I thought the economy was recovering, but now I hear we lost some more Jobs!? Damn, we're fucked…

  • Last1picked

    Steve Jobs. An innovator, an inspiration. Your creative mind will be greatly missed. RIP my friend.

  • Zodiac308

    Indeed he was. He did for computers what the rolling stones and Beatles did for rock

  • Curt

    A man ahead of his time and gome before his time.
    He was a true pioneer and always, was ahead of the curve.



  • Urban

    Dear Steve. I’ve been buying your Apple products since 1994. As a hardcore Apple fan I knew that one day you would return to Apple and make the company thrive with your brilliant mind, creativity and innovation. I never gave in to a lesser product. You are the one who made the world Think Differently. It must feel good to cross over with that level of success. May the heavens greet you and say, “but wait, there is one more thing.”

  • John

    Thanks for the mouse, Steve. That one thing changed everything. Hell, even my new BIOS uses a mouse. You made the computer usable or everyone, and that changed the world.

    • Lsufan

      Steve jobs didn’t inent the mouse it was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1964 when Jobs was 9 years old. He did help further the development later on though.

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