• konaehukai

    RIP Steve. You changed so many things in your short life. You not only changed the way we listen to music. You changed the way that we compute. You will be missed. Amazing that someone that we've never met has had such an impact on all of our lives. Strange to feel a loss that seems so personal. Chive on Steve!

  • TAMZ

    This is a huge loss for me as I am nothing but an Apple user. He was more fab than that Gates guy because he actually thought about his users. And to those whom have nothing good to say about the man who changed the tech world forever, Fuck your dead mothers, fathers, kids and whomever else you care for. Beyond an Icon, he was a husband, father and friend. And to those who have never used an Apple product, don't blame anything but your lack of intelligence on why you don't purchase or use Apple products. They are way better than that other computer company. And the products last way longer than PC products. I don't see Apple copying from Windows, but I sure do see so many Window products that reflect Apple's. Just saying. And don't try to come back at me. Cuz your computer just may catch a virus. Mines won't. BLAM!!!

    • dirtysteve99

      ' And to those who have never used an Apple product, don't blame anything but your lack of intelligence on why you don't purchase or use Apple products'

      Yup, there it is. OR, I'm a game developer, and mac is fake-tits-on-a-zombie useless to me.

    • Jen

      way to take a sad day and act like a jerk

  • some bloke

    Now who will produce new shiny gadgets that will end up in the landfill in 2 years, while using monopolistic business practices?

  • coolaid

    yes he is a legend. RİP..

  • Guesty

    Fuck Steve Jobs

  • Bill Gates

    Soooooo is this going to delay the iPhone 5?

  • Uncle Scotty

    Wasn't this the guy who invented the touchscreen telephone?

  • dirtysteve99

    What's the difference between black dudes and Cancer?

    Cancer got jobs.
    U mad?

  • Gmoney

    Alien DNA doesnt last long on Earth, it was his time to return home. No mortal could have come up with the stuff he developed. Have a safe trip space man.

  • Tom

    Steve Jobs might have been a great visionary but by all accounts he was a complete ASSHOLE when it came to dealing with people! You should be judge by how you treat people not what you make for them!

  • Smarterthanyou

    Maybe now that he's history the iphone and ipad will finally be able to run flash applications. You know, like every other device that's out there.

  • chong

    i expected more than one picture

  • Bill

    Bill Gates ==== WINNING

  • Oscar Cornejo

    we really need to find a cure to destroy the Cancer, its killing great minds !

  • David A

    Yes APPLE makes good products but not steve he was a good business man not technology genius he made most of his money scamming people out of their ideas then not giving them just credit ask his apple co-founder who got scammed many times by jobs and for all you people that thinks hes a god hes just another corporate dickhead who treats employees like shit so act like hes better than any other billion dollar CEO because he made an iphone, ipad, and any other thing he decided to throw "i" in front of and stop being a dick rider people think bill gates is a villian do you know how much money bill and melinda gates have given to charity more than half and when he dies hes only leaving 3% to his kids the rest is going to charity so what did jobs really do other than make a huge company that peddles shit to the masses that are so blind with fanboyism over this guy they buy anything he sells nobody deserves to die young but this guy was a dick and doesnt deserve this kind of following I wonder if there will be this much sympathy when the ceo of coca cola or pepsi dies they peddle the same junk just alot cheaper and with less shit

  • Taylor Doolittle

    Hopefully, I think its taking some people up to 7 days, that's outrageous.

  • RicardoBaggins

    #1 The Guy was an immense monument to todays technology. I am a strict Android only person, but years ago at college we used Macs, When i had no computer i used the Library's Macs cos they were always free, cos no one knew how to use them. I think they were simply misunderstood. Alot like Apple maybe? RIP Mr Steve Jobs.

  • LadyGrey

    Should have paid your fucking taxes Steve. Karma bites you in the arse, you steal and shit and this is what happens.

  • BoyFromWales

    There goes a technological genius. Let's hope he wrote down some more of his genius ideas for his colleagues to put to great use in the future!

  • Jimmy Hatt

    Jobs was an asshole as a person.

  • Tony

    hopefully we can get that new chive app approved and started or else it might just have to be an Apple boycott!

  • Average_Joe123

    Thank you, Steve. My first computer was an Apple IIe. Your legacy will live on.

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