This amazing Chivette has a story, the Chivers can help write the ending (12 Photos)

Last night, I was contacted by Nicholas Ablahani. He told a touching story about his fiance, Lindsay Anne, that I think should be shared with the Chivers.

In August 2010 when Lindsay discovered a lump on her right breast, she went strait to the doctor. When tests came back, Lindsay was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Even worse, tests on her lymph nodes came back positive as well. The cancer was spreading.

Just one week prior to her diagnosis, Nick and Lindsay had booked a trip to Disney World. Her surgery wasn't scheduled for two weeks so Lindsay said they should go anyway. According to Nick, "It was the saddest vacation of our lives."

Because Lindsay was young, she opted to undergo the full battery of treatment. First, Lindsay had a double mastectomy. When that healed, she began punishing rounds of chemotherapy and radiation at Sloan Kettering in NCY. On the brutal chemo treatments Nick said,

"I've never witnessed someone act so strong through all the adverse emotional and physical effects that chemotherapy puts your body through. I often felt so helpless because I wished I could take the pain away for her, but I stood by her side and did the best I could to act as a support system through these hard time. As strong as Lindsay is, the chemo took a toll. But she was determined to give cancer both barrels. And she did. She beat the hell out of it."

As soon as Lindsay began to regain her strength, Nick went to the middle school, where Lindsay works as a history teacher, to surprise her with an engagement ring.

Lindsay and Nick wanted to have the best wedding they could so when Lindsay stumbled on a Facebook called the Fairy Tale Wedding Giveaway, she decided to enter. The winning bride will be flown to LA to be fitted for a designer wedding dress made by Vera Wang. The bridesmaids will all be outfitted in Vera Wang's 'White' collection. The bride will also win a 'dream makeover' from Kim Kardashian's Glam Squad, even a Williams-Sonoma dream kitchen.

Nick and Lindsay entered amongst a field of 3,000 other hopeful couples. Whichever couple had the most people 'Likes' their Facebook page would win.

Nick and Lindsay were shocked last Friday to find out they'd made the top 10 finalists. In fact, because of Lindsay's compelling story, they were in 2nd place overall! But sadly they were 4,400 'Likes' short of winning, and with voting closing tonight at midnight (Wed.), 4,400 Likes is just too high a hill to climb with friends and family on Facebook.

Then, of all things, Nick looked down the shirt he was wearing and remembered he had A LOT of friends 🙂 He emailed theCHIVE.

Chivers, go to Nick and Linday's Facebook page and hammer it sideways. All you have to do is 'Like' the page right here. Let's help turn one of the worst years in Lindsay's life into one of the best years of her life. Lindsay's already made some great comebacks in life, this time the Chivers can help her comeback again in the last minute. If they win, I'll do my best to get photos of her amazing trip and eventually, the wedding itself.

I'll keep you updated here and in the DAR today at the progress. Chivers, you know what to do...

We have until Midnight EST to blow this up, Chivers. Go to Lindsay’s Facebook page and Like it right here!

  • T.j. Larson

    Good luck to them


    Just checked and our lovely couple have 6,000 vote lead WOW!!!!! Way
    to go CHIVERS!!!!!

  • Nick 13

    needles to say with the help of us chivers you two demolished this competition. =) I hope your wedding is everything you could ever dream of!

  • JJ

    Up to 14,385

  • Craig

    Get Lindsay a Keep calm… shirt, STAT!

  • MixxSumo

    Since we Chivers have proven that we have great power, wouldn’t it be nice to do something for Jacob and Jessica, too?

  • Alex

    14,486 as of this second… and most chivers arent enven out of work yet…. i hope they get it, and i hope they dont give them crap for asking the Chive for help… o.O

  • McFist

    IT'S OVER 9000!

  • ttt

    Not to be an ass…. she definitly deserves a drea mwedding after all she went through, but did anyone check out the other applicants and make their own judgement? I mean, yeah what she went through was terrible and all, but she did survive and come out. There's another couple on there with kids, very little income, and a man who has kidney failure happening right now….

    • Victor

      Yes, you do have a point. However, when a fellow Chiver calls for help, I will answer that call. Chive on!

      • ttt

        Your sentiments echo something I find interesting about internet culture. You and many others say they wil do whatever it takes to 'help a fellow Chiver.' Not criticizing, just observing and commenting, I find it odd that so many feel such a commrodery and devotition to one another when in reality, all the connection and interaction really just boils down to you all like to look a amusing pictures collected on a common internet site.

        • ttt

          For such a trivial 'connection', I wonder what do you do for your family and loved ones? Maybe a lot…. or maybe something to spark some self-reflection.
          To look at other things, would you all have the same reaciton to help out and adress a call from a fellow Twitter User? At least the connection between those peoeple is a little more two-way (there is more mutual contribution in the medium as opposed to just passive consumption of the medium).
          I walk on sidewalks a lot, the homeless guy uses the sidewalk a lot… but is that a connection enough to give him a little donation? It's about as solid a connection as liking to view the same pictures on the internet (yes, I know that many of you use this as a social forum as wel and make a little more of a connection that that, but I would argue not really much more substantial can be gained from a few "MOAR!" level comments, but I am making the assumption that most people who 'liked' the status do not take the time to do so)

    • Guesty

      These blind sheep don't care, they just want to post "Chive On" on facebook. Admins don't care, gets thechive name out there. But no, they are all jsut very caring people…

      • questioner

        is it horrible to hate life so bad guesty?

        I wish for just one day you could stop being a cynical asshole troll.

        • Guesty

          Fuck you

          • Besty


      • EJ

        I’d rather be a sheep than a douche. Chive on d-bag!

  • nick

    Are we gonna get a new chivette out of this? Lets see some wedding pics!!

  • EJ

    Done and spreading the word

  • jteran

    More than happy to support you guys…I just checked out the facebook page about the wedding giveaway. earlier today when i 'liked' your story, i believe there were only 6k likes….now there are over 14k!! i think the second closest couple was only 8k…! dare i say you closed 'the gap' and then some.

  • mrahel

    I'd like to think 14k votes to the 8k of the 2nd placers will seal the deal? You got my 'like'!

  • Aaron Frost

    When I liked it this morning there were 5098 Likes. As of 2:30 Mountain time there are 14,095 likes. Pretty sweet group of Chivers! Good luck Lindsay and Nick!

  • Rx

    Done! Best luck to the two of you.

  • Jodi

    Done and Done!!

    "But she was determined to give cancer both barrels" – Best statement ever!

    Give em hell guys!

    • Simon Phoenix

      Yep, spoken like a true chiver!

  • Alex

    lol… theres a bit over 6k like lead now… i think they got it now LOL…
    The Chivers deliver again!

  • Jodi

    Great idea fellow chivers!

    Just posted on my facebook page as well to engage some non-chivers!

  • CFielder

    I'll always help out a fellow Chiver and I did, but I agree that we could also do something for the 2nd place couple. Helping out our own is great, but reaching out to others goes a long ways. I bet we would gain more than a few more lifelong Chivers by helping a nice couple from outside our community.

    • bigade

      Chivers have to stick together

  • KHfan4evr

    I think they're gonna win.

  • mxi

    Posted, good luck, good health.

  • Patrick L.

    Let's do this Chive!

  • Anonymous

    “Liked” good luck and stay strong.

    Photobomb (Im sorry, I had to)

    Chive On!

  • mojo420jojo

    If I had a Facebook I would like this in an instance. But I don’t. :/

  • Karl Yaeger

    Well, they're a solid 7000 votes ahead now… chive on…

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