This amazing Chivette has a story, the Chivers can help write the ending (12 Photos)

Last night, I was contacted by Nicholas Ablahani. He told a touching story about his fiance, Lindsay Anne, that I think should be shared with the Chivers.

In August 2010 when Lindsay discovered a lump on her right breast, she went strait to the doctor. When tests came back, Lindsay was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Even worse, tests on her lymph nodes came back positive as well. The cancer was spreading.

Just one week prior to her diagnosis, Nick and Lindsay had booked a trip to Disney World. Her surgery wasn't scheduled for two weeks so Lindsay said they should go anyway. According to Nick, "It was the saddest vacation of our lives."

Because Lindsay was young, she opted to undergo the full battery of treatment. First, Lindsay had a double mastectomy. When that healed, she began punishing rounds of chemotherapy and radiation at Sloan Kettering in NCY. On the brutal chemo treatments Nick said,

"I've never witnessed someone act so strong through all the adverse emotional and physical effects that chemotherapy puts your body through. I often felt so helpless because I wished I could take the pain away for her, but I stood by her side and did the best I could to act as a support system through these hard time. As strong as Lindsay is, the chemo took a toll. But she was determined to give cancer both barrels. And she did. She beat the hell out of it."

As soon as Lindsay began to regain her strength, Nick went to the middle school, where Lindsay works as a history teacher, to surprise her with an engagement ring.

Lindsay and Nick wanted to have the best wedding they could so when Lindsay stumbled on a Facebook called the Fairy Tale Wedding Giveaway, she decided to enter. The winning bride will be flown to LA to be fitted for a designer wedding dress made by Vera Wang. The bridesmaids will all be outfitted in Vera Wang's 'White' collection. The bride will also win a 'dream makeover' from Kim Kardashian's Glam Squad, even a Williams-Sonoma dream kitchen.

Nick and Lindsay entered amongst a field of 3,000 other hopeful couples. Whichever couple had the most people 'Likes' their Facebook page would win.

Nick and Lindsay were shocked last Friday to find out they'd made the top 10 finalists. In fact, because of Lindsay's compelling story, they were in 2nd place overall! But sadly they were 4,400 'Likes' short of winning, and with voting closing tonight at midnight (Wed.), 4,400 Likes is just too high a hill to climb with friends and family on Facebook.

Then, of all things, Nick looked down the shirt he was wearing and remembered he had A LOT of friends 🙂 He emailed theCHIVE.

Chivers, go to Nick and Linday's Facebook page and hammer it sideways. All you have to do is 'Like' the page right here. Let's help turn one of the worst years in Lindsay's life into one of the best years of her life. Lindsay's already made some great comebacks in life, this time the Chivers can help her comeback again in the last minute. If they win, I'll do my best to get photos of her amazing trip and eventually, the wedding itself.

I'll keep you updated here and in the DAR today at the progress. Chivers, you know what to do...

We have until Midnight EST to blow this up, Chivers. Go to Lindsay’s Facebook page and Like it right here!

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  • jrey81

    hope to hear more about the girl from yesterday too…keep calm, chive on, fuck cancer, hope you win!

  • DoomsDayDub

    #5 – A Chivette needs us! CHIVE THE F*CK ON CHIVERS! Hit that damn like button until it begs for mercy….then hit it some more!

  • Brandon

    Good Luck! and GO DUCKS!

  • panzerjay

    they still need 5000 more ppl come on and chive on !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wesley

    Done! I saw several hundred more votes click in just in the ten minutes it took to read the facebook posts. I think you should be good. God bless!

  • Dave

    Keep Calm, Chive On, and f*ck cancer.

    You guys rock.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Chive's Lets get this done…Chive ON

  • chachie

    I dropped that "like" it was hot…kick ass and take names Nick and Lindsay! Chive on from the Swamps of south LA!

  • Carlo

    Like it and SHARE it with your FB friends as well!

  • Dan Pardo

    Done and done. Let's get then 10,000 Likes more people and blow that other couple out of the water! (Though I'm sure they are nice too…)

  • Chive Beats Cancer

    Need roughly 3,000 likes…'tis 1300 EST

  • Master_Rahl

    Man, this is such a cool thing. Hope the extra Chive support helps you guys out. Best wishes to you. One observation from those pics, Lindsay appears to have an indomitable spirit, she smiles so freely in all those shots. It's a beautiful thing to see. Chive On 🙂

  • @PappaDukes

    Done! Good luck to you both.

  • dagleja3

    Make it so, Mr. Data!!

  • okiechivette


  • Jay

    Wow – A woman on Chive with natural breasts and self-esteem.
    She's got my like.

  • Active Hunter

    Come on Chive, we can do better!!

  • The_Dood

    I don't even have the Chive liked on facebook (because I hate facebook and just about everything about it) but I dusted off my account and you have my like.

  • Barry McKokkinner

    Done! good luck and good health!

  • Fredericky

    BOOM! Liked x 9999999999999999

  • Michel Payette

    5842 Likes…not goin up fast enough Chivers….

  • The Chive sucks!!!!

    Ok… As long as we don't have to give her money.

  • CaptainStag

    I voted. We're at 2,615 to go now (that figure's probably already out of date). I suddenly feel a bit awkward about what we're collectively doing to the couple who are in first place at the moment. Chivers intervening en masse hardly seems fair :-/

  • dennis


  • Moose

    And done!

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