Time to judge the Twin Peaks Bikini contests (25 HQ Photos)

Hooters and Tilted Kilt has some competition from a place called "Twin Peaks". These photos bikini contests are from a couple different Twin Peaks locations. Sorry, NY, I couldn't find many good photos from "Canz" restaurant.
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Source 1
Source 2
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  • mikeraw

    I would kill your mother for #10

  • roggi wilkov

    Competitorette with the #5 on #28 – that'd be my girl x)

    chive, i would like to beg for more of her!

  • Goomba in Kandahar

    #5 and #10 Thanks to the camera man for wonderful angles. Beautiful girls…. Gorgeous toes
    #22 Great hump

  • Sedai

    I wouldn't say no to one of these women, they're all smoking hot!

  • rossy

    i wish someone would invent smellavision yummy

  • Scoop

    #2 / #20 the most naturally sexy and fresh faced of all. only one with subtle makeup too, and obviously doesnt need it shes so good looking.

  • Anonymous

    #7 that guy just jizzed in his pants

  • nortonburgess

    Bolt-ons like the pair #10 sport should be banned from any bikini contest.

  • http://backtraxx.blogspot.com/ harvs

    __lets do this!

    check me out

  • harvs
  • David

    They need to franchise already. Hooters is done once they get out of Austin!!

  • yes

    Most of these girls are from the Round Rock location. #5 is Rachel Schmeisser, I went to high school with her.

  • Anonymous

    Houston loves its Twin Peaks’!!

  • Elifnazebru

    I was 3 years old Definitely NOT into Twin Peaks at the time, but my mom was watching it on TV and went to see the movie. I don’t emrmeber that, of course, but she told me she was a huge fan of the series. However, she had completely forgotten about it, and when I bought the DVD of the series a few years ago, she rediscovered while I was watching it for the first time. Oooow, yeaaah, I emrmeber that ! It’s that awesome David Lynch show from the 1990s ! Anyway I wish I was born at the time TP was released, I would have loved to follow the show on TV every week, to watch the movie on a big screen, to attend the first TP Fest Yeah, that would have been great. But it’s never too late to become a fan I’ve been more than obsessed with Twin Peaks for quite a few years now. =)

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