You know those useless wood pallets? (21 Photos)

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  • Jason

    The wood pallets that don’t contain bugs and fungi have probably been treated with toxic chemicals to kill the pests. These toxic chemicals aren’t so good for humans and animals either. On top of that, wood pallets often contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

    Do you really want to be sitting on, eating off or otherwise interacting with a piece of furniture made from wood pallets that contain any or all of the items listed above. Something else you should know: once those toxic chemicals are on a wood pallet you cannot get them off. No amount of scrubbing, scraping, sanding or cleaning will remove them because they seep all the way into every nook and cranny. My advice: if you want rustic looking furniture, go gather up some driftwood or fallen branches. Wood pallets don’t belong in or around your home.

  • Rapsag

    The pallets that are treated with chemicals are marked. You can get them from the manufacturer before they are treated too. Painting them can also stand as a safe barrier to protect you.

  • Ricardo

    Those are not useless. They make transportation of all kinds of things easier. They´re one of those objects that make everything possible. Only here people get them from useful to ball-bursting awesome

  • Derek Miller

    Wood pallets are not treated with chemicals. The WOOD is treated before the construction of the pallets. It is the same treatment that other lumber receives that you can buy in home improvement centers & lumber supply stores.

    Lumber used in pallet construction is a low grade of wood.

    Treated lumber can be more expensive than untreated lumber. Most pallets are NOT treated lumber because it limits the use of pallets in what they can ship, and it prevents the pallets from breaking down in the landfill where they are designed to go after they have outlived their intended purpose.

    However, pallets can contain anything that has been spilled on them. But, since most toxic chemicals cannot be shipped reusable pallets, you don't have anything to worry about. Most pallets spend weeks/months outdoors before they make it inside of a truck, train, ship, or warehouse.

    Re-use as many as you can.
    It is good for the environment and saves landfill space.

  • Little Weasel
  • Nic

    Most the people on here have no creativity. OF COURSE you clean them and disinfect them before you would do something like this. and then you seal it. These are great ideas and CREATIVE. Not tree huggers, people who like art and also like to save money, not blow it on uncomfortable furniture from ikea.

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  • jB!

    With all the money you save you can stock up on tweezers and bandaids to take care of all the splinters those things give.

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  • 5 Pallet conversions that wow | RENTCafe rental blog

    […] viaMikel on […]

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