Chive Everywhere (58 Photos)

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  • Perry Duran

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  • Smuggler

    Yea Rider!!!! #1

    • Michele Graczyk

      WOOOOO! This is the best day of my life!

  • el jefe

    #51 Glad to see my fellow Guatemalan representing!! Chive on From DFW

  • Bobby Gosbee

    I really like seeing all of these places people are, but I cant help to think to myself "Why are these people in this beautiful place, most likely away from home, and browsing the chive"? Chive rocks, but not as much as a great pyramid, or wall of china, etc

  • Brian

    #49 who is the GWU chiver! I worked there for a year before joining the navy!

  • Chachie

    #34 #44 way to represent Chivers from LA!!! My wife wore her Keep Calm shirt the other day to a Karate Tournament and some guy stopped her and took a picture with her! She said she felt like a rock star! Chive on!!!

  • tbaker67

    #19 go bucks! #38 and he was never heard from again #47 been there its awsome! and ps finally got my chive shirts just seconds ago!!! woohoo and chive on!

  • Htisss

    #55 Hey cutie..what are you doing later?

  • AssClown

    #3 The dad is totally checking out his daughter's bewbage…

  • Guesty

    After seeing these pictures, I am so glad you all hate me. If I was liked with the fuck-sticks posted here I'd kill myself. For all you chivers – SUICIDE ON!

    • blumpilstilskin

      dont tease pussy

      • Guesty

        The suicide was for the chivers, ya know "chive on" but again, stupid is as…. Slow ass faggot

  • jdown 23

    yayy ! made it! chive on from calgary canada! #15 #16

  • Colin J. Schrader

    to the photographer of #40, I sympathize. That classroom is exclusively for dull classes. Chive On

  • tommy

    fine her!!

  • Coldzilla

    #8 made me think of……

    "The sea was angry that day, my friends" ~ George Costanza

  • Nanook

    #24 I don't know. Does writing "Chive On" on your arm cancel out the extreme dork-ness obviously going on here?

  • Lindsey Bergeron

    #57 I can see that from here!

  • Michele Graczyk

    #1 is ME! This is the best day of my whole entire life. CHIVE ON!

  • Deans22

    So these video pop-over ads on every page on the mobile site are starting to get a little obnoxious, especially since the close button isn’t visible until the page is done loading, so I basically have to watch it every time if my connection isn’t really good.

  • PeckDolly

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  • honestly

    #9 what the hell am I looking at?

    • SimonDPieman

      I don't know for certain, but i THINK it's his Asus Transformer lock screen.

      With a wallpaper that i made. (sorry had to throw that out there)

      • Joshua

        That's exactly what it is.

  • jebu

    #45 RSA judging by the beer.
    #52 awfully cute, MOAR please

  • KalEl24

    Find #55

  • Sara Smith

    #44…show us chivettes your face please 🙂

    • joe northern

      Awwww, I feel so special. Ill have to make a reappearance

  • Big daddy

    Louisiana chivers rock!!! #34

  • Me Gusta

    Chive, please help bring Yuengling to the Pine Tree State. Chive on from Maine. Thumbs if if you're a Maine Chiver/Chivette who enjoys a cold beer!

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