The curious case of Jodie Marsh (20 Photos)

  • Stokanator

    Wow it be interesting to see how see looks without all that dark body paint, sometimes it can be decieving. But what a shame.

  • bryainiac


  • TIM

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Harry Swe

    HOOOOOOT!!! Cumiiiing!!!!

  • Jose

    #10 is the peak.. then a STEEP downhill 😦

  • red

    shes african now? strange

  • parsler

    aaaahhhhhhhhh! didnt think hot could be ruined! wrong!

  • Stan

    She looks good in all the pics. I just don't like it when they over oil themselves for a show

  • Doctor_Krieger

    early phases of working out = want
    now = DO NOT WANT !!

  • Grits

    So, this lady went from gross with disgusting fake boobs to ultra-fucking-vomit-inducing gross with disgusting fake boobs? Kudos.

  • chiveanatic

    This is at contest…once she loads up with water again and stay away from the tannning bed for abit she'll look incredible….not that shes hard to look at now.

  • Incendia

    I don't get why brown is the go-to look for body builders. Seriously, she wouldn't look so repulsive in the last few photos if she hadn't applied shoe polish with a paint roller.

  • Jmmr54

    that's sad

  • that_dude_b

    #11 #13 and #14 are so sexy. but i don't understand all the other crap on her after that.

  • joey butiffuco

    from hot to not… YIKES!!!

  • @kenthosterman

    so bizarre. incomprehensible to me why anyone would want to look like that. live and let live but eww.

  • Andrew

    How awfull, why cant women just be women??!!

  • eyuuuuuk

    GROSS…just f@c!n@ gross

  • Gaz

    #4 shes channeling Maria Brink!

  • gretagravel

    #13 why is one leg bigger then the other?

  • Anonymous

    So going to the gym could turn me into a black man too??

  • Graham

    So going to the gym could turn me into a black man too??

  • Anonymous

    wow, she was way hotter before she became some neutella complexioned freak of anti woman-ness (yes its a made up word but you know EXACTLY what it means)

  • Tangles_112

    If she's passionate about it, which she looks like she is…who are we to judge what she does? I think a lot of people underestimate what goes through to get to that level of lean. It's torture and constant hard work. Her dedication should be commended. In saying that, she did look a lot better from a man's eyes before she went through the transformation. But she will get back to's called an offseason 😛

  • Bee

    #4 She's a real hottie in this one! The tattoos are definitely sexy as hell!

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