The curious case of Jodie Marsh (20 Photos)

  • brent

    nice tan.

  • DeDav

    #10 #19
    Oh that's not to ba— CHRIST FUCK! WHAT!?

  • Mike

    You fucking idiots know the tan is just for the show right? Sick and tired of the faggots on this site thinking they’re super cool and trendy because they hate anything with a tan. Not everyone likes milky, see through skin like the rest of you weirdos.

    • shadypelican

      Hey shit for brains. That isn’t a tan, that is gold skin from stupid spray on dye. It looks fucking ridiculous. If you use it as well, then you too look ridiculous. Someone should have told you by now, sorry you had to find out this way.

      Have a great day and a wonderful tomorrow,


  • Matt Nowak

    Looked OK up until picture 15. Then EWWW…

  • Chris


  • Grodon

    So she was transformed into a chocolate alien?

  • Brian


    Natural? Not the word I would chose. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

  • Anonymous

    Gross before and after

  • eddie

    Mike, you seem so angry about this whole tan issue, take it easy, keep calm, and chive on…..psycho.

  • Billm

    Nothing wrong with her out of competition look, like #12

    Obviously when she has done her cut for competition day with the thick fake tan. looking a little freaky, but most body builders do

  • vincuilla

    chocolate veinnnnnn

  • Brian

    SHe's gross before and after

  • @geoholic28

    I was good up until #15 then HELL NA!

  • Bersa45

    Good for her. U have to respect that. Its not easy to make the comitment to be a bodybuilder. She may not be as sexy, but still got those incredible tits….

  • Blake

    Besides the body oil, which is only important for competitions (I won't explain why for the noobs), she looks great! Excellent symmetry! She could work on more definition on her legs though…no peaks.

  • Can Öktem


  • Kelsow Farlander


  • Ricardo Saracino

    all down hill after #14 😥 .. . not worth it

  • andrew

    She can suck my dick from the back

  • Michael Scott

    Well, there goes another hot chick. She's got more testosterone than 20 guys, skin cancer running rampant, and oh yeah, she looks like a fucking suit case!

  • ThornyDevil

    Not even a never ending giff of somebody throwing up would describe how attracted to her I am.

  • David

    She is absolutely still insanely hot, the spray on tan will fad and she will be left with a ridiculous body..

  • bisketz

    Women are crazy. WTF is up with her nose?

  • ngiler

    Leave her alone

  • shamedmonkey

    Kill it. Kill it with fire.

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