The curious case of Jodie Marsh (20 Photos)

  • DaBoSS

    I'm a avid reader of "Lad mags" as they are called,particularly FHM UK.Never though Jodie Marsh was hot in the first place,coz I never find chicks who've been under a knife hot anyway.Here,she looks like a circus freak…crossing into a whole other dimension of ugliness.

  • so turned on

    i am so turned on right now, allthough way to much spray tan.

  • Mike

    Did she win the Ms. Discusting Pagent?

  • Joel

    I’m no fan of the super fake tan and the insane muscles. But I do have to put it out there. The competition look is drastically different from her day to day look. Body builders go days without water for a competition in order to make their muscles and veins pop out. That’s also what the tanning oil is for. That being said, I liked her better post 2009. Just thought i’d throw it out there and play devils advocate

    • Joel

      I mean pre 2009. Derp.

  • rock reezy

    You could tell she was emotionally disturbed from the very beginning. Fake hair, fake tits, to many tats. It was either bodybuilding or a severe drug/alcohol addiction. Of course there’s still time…stay away from girls like this Chivers !

  • vince

    probably would not be near as bad if she would lose that awful tan. I think it's because it hides her tattoos. Bodybuilding judges aren't tattoo admirers as general rule.

  • thedoug

    Currently seeing an entire team of psychiatrists…

  • ehh er

    Muscles are cool but get rid of that tan

  • poseidon

    Where did her tattoos go?

  • Aranalde

    Dude! I was having breakfast! :/

  • Commando00

    It's great that she followed her dream……too bad it turned out to be a nightmare!!

    #17 EEeeekkkkk!!

  • Tyler Durden

    #16 Gross!

  • Catherine Kinsbergen

    huuuuuuu nop

  • Mike D.

    Dats a maaaaaaaaan bab, or at least after pic 10 it is.

  • VooDoo

    Poor thing! She went from T-bone to top ramen 😦

  • Tim Tuck

    Ruined such a perfect body

  • Irishlad

    She didnt even wait for the Guiness to settle…………..

  • rhino

    #13 that is a gap you could drive a truck through

  • Tom Wilhelm

    Ouch, what a shame. No. Not worth it.

  • EJK

    First of all.. UGGG…

    Second #3 – you're supposed to wait for the Guinness to settle before drinking it.

    oh and as a side note… Guinness and Reese's Pieces…they're an explosive combination.

  • BennyBC

    i guess she was tired of being gawked by everyone as a sex object. Now she will be stared at in disgust.

  • Matthew Ruffi


  • Fugly

    Fugly before and after. Wouldn’t fuck her with chive’s dick and reedit pushing.

  • DJR8D


  • TDub66

    EGADS———Niiiiiiice career move!

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