The curious case of Jodie Marsh (20 Photos)

  • Vermalius

    She should have stopped at #14, good god.. the rest… that's…. that… that's just horrible…

  • jezebel

    my god – what color is that? think i just threw up a little

  • Donna_Romper

    #3 um yeah, you gotta let that settle before you drink it. And also how did you become african american?

  • Sauza

    That's it, no more internet for me today :/

  • Keith_D

    I hope you all like your meat burnt and extra crispy…

  • Kilo

    😦 gross…..

  • Rick Allen

    That bitch went from GROSS to GROTESQUE!!! ew

  • Tsantilas

    The terrible tan is a bigger turn off than the body for me honestly… I don't get why women think looking like they spent 2 hours in the oven is even remotely attractive. She was ok before, but after… yeeeesh.

  • eric

    not as bad when she's not spray tanned up to the color of a burnt hotdog

  • Ogre

    Went from a chick you'd like to f**k to a dude who wants to f**k you in a prison shower. GROSS!!!

  • PubicJones

    Yeah she fucked up.

  • Rolis

    wash the fake tan off after the competition and shes just as hot as before, easy call, next time do better chive

    • Clonan

      Agreed. She’s painted brown to show definition for the competition. After it’s off, she could probably take my Richard off with her Keigel muscles. I like….

  • markbrev

    I'd sooner have a wank with a cheese grater to be honest

  • sticky

    What happened to the tatts?

  • ride for the fallen


  • brian


  • Marco


  • 03_SE_XTERRA

    #19 neither are remotely attractive

  • TD2

    #7 Why change a GREAT thing?

  • elroger

    Hell NO! damn you bodybuilding

  • Trainer

    i like #10 the best. her body is fine but she is entirely to tan. and i am sure that hurt her with the judges.

  • ckret

    She wouldn't look that bad without the horrible fucking fake tan.

  • Disgusted

    Aaaahhhhh! Kill it! Send it to hell!

  • guest

    I'd like to see what she looked like before she turned herself into a ludicrous caricature of a female, and then into a bonafide monster.

  • lfsg

    she was hot until #14

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