The curious case of Jodie Marsh (20 Photos)

  • Catherine Rodriguez

    noooooo! kill it with fire! fuck

  • Last1picked

    Sure….y not? I would. I like chicks.

  • Perry Duran

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  • tommy2X4

    Guy Richie said that, "Lying next to Madonna is lying next to a piece of grizzle."

  • Kieran O'Halloran

    just in the obvious is missed, apparently the dark tan colouring helps judges see definition better, so it is really only used for competion

  • oughtnot

    Skanky ho to begin with and Huik's little sister at the end. I wouldn't do her either way.

  • vent187

    Gross. Gross. Gross…..

  • Narkill

    And she needs to look black when she enters why?

  • MoMorris

    She wasn't that good looking to begin with so there wasn't far for her to fall. Way too much plastic surgery.

  • HardCoreMike

    Tolerable til you get to #15 ! Wow. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!

  • 2pumpdump

    #16 well at least she got a trophy…..
    and she got to meat this dude #17

  • USMC8654Justice

    i thought i would never say it but man i have the strangest and most confused boner right now.

  • Joe

    She honestly looks like a polished turd

  • JC75

    She was Hotter before, however if she wants to be more fit go for it but that tan is gross…

    • Chiver

      Does anyone on this site understand the difference between FIT and BODYBUILDING??? Two totally different concepts.

  • Dazilla

    Do Not Want!!

  • Coldzilla

    #16 So this is what Paula would look like with tits? o.0


  • Yuri Azambeyov

    Bloody hell! She was never fit! :S I dont understand how people could like her, before or after.

  • Nick Neuhart

    I just threw up in my mouth a little

  • dave

    she looked best in pics #7 and #9 with least amount of make up and more natural looking hair. Now….no thanks.

  • Walt

    Should have stopped at photo 14

  • John O'brien

    #3 left it settle jodie…..jesus!!!!

  • thejim

    She went from meh to blech in nothng flat.

  • Toby Latham

    seriously? Good Halloween costume!!!

  • chicago

    #19 …what a wreck. looks like the before and after pics of Louisiana Gulf Coast shoreline over last years BP Oil Rig leak/spill accident.

  • Courtney Roxanne Jean Fair

    Fucking gross

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