that was unreal! how the fuck did you do that??

  • http://twitter.com/thetaletwister @thetaletwister

    Waiting for a 'Bitch Please' response VDO soon..=p

  • Donna_Romper

    Great way to ruin a relationship.

  • berkshires

    well played bro, well played indeed!

  • PalmBeachChiver

    Thats the guy that fuked the curve for everyone else

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=508036745 Patrick Schmidt

    Impressive to say the least. That was great.

  • forgracie

    Enjoy your last blow job…..

    • Mr. Guy

      You married the wrong girl then….

      • The Pict

        More like she married the wrong guy. He likely stopped bathing regularly as soon as he figured he had her trapped.

  • Brother Maynard

    Extremely impressive, I give it a 9.8

  • joe

    I hate couples that constantly call each other baby.

    • Joe's Baby

      Don't say that baby, I thought you loved it.

  • werral

    Like a Boss

  • gizmo77819

    that is amazing

  • Roderix

    FAKE !!! sorry but I cant belive he was able to coordinate all that … unless some one explain itto me it is a big fat FAKE

    • Nando

      I own a sign company and let me tell you, that is totally possible.

      • Mr. Guy

        Most office buildings have programmable lights, circuits, and can be activated by phone. This would require a lot of planning, but is by no means impossible.

        • teh dude

          or a guy on the other line just waited to hear her voice before doing it….

  • bowser

    damn it !! every cool proposal posted on internet always makes my wife mad at me for not being that original. where did the old fashioned proposals go?

  • Obviously


  • Whiskyb

    Kinda jerked a tear if you ask me.

  • DoctorJB

    That is fuckin BA

  • .Krookz


  • Coldzilla

    And then a cop comes by and gives them a ticket for littering……..

    Very cool tho!

  • phydor

    those chips looked tasty. mmmm, bbq for lunch.

  • Hector

    WTF dude you spilled the chips, thats not cool!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/230812600309360/ Help! Chivers!


    I just KNOW the chivers can help!!!

    • Brother Maynard

      Found your ducks, they were in my dinner last night.

  • Anonymous

    Nice work that man. I bet he got so lucky!

  • Daniel

    LIke a Boss

  • PizzaT

    That was the SHIT!!
    Now can we see Lisa’s hump??

  • V4Vendetta14

    Annoying that it was on camera phone… Were all his friends in that building turning on/off lights? He couldn't have gotten 1 guy to record for him?

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