• gdarkcloud

    Congrats! This was by far the coolest proposal ever!

  • mojo420jojo

    That was so much win on so many fukin levels!!!

  • angelcurry1077

    Holy cow! That was the best proposal EVAR!!! Glad she said yes…

  • http://gravatar.com/drummer113 Isaiah

    Dick in a box would've been cheaper but this was clever.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000394146934 Jeremy Hughes

    Awesomely creative! ill have to send my proposal to chive to see what ya'll think

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  • Zach D.

    that was probably the coolest proposal i've ever seen. mad props to you sir.

  • Tony from Oz

    Well played , sir.

  • Jim


    Well done

  • fuzz

    well done

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Best one I have any personal knowledge of – We have a waterfall near where we live that has a wooden walkway through the surrounding woods to a small viewing spot on the edge of the pond at it's base. At night it's officially closed and they had it to themselves. When the couple reached the platform, "Will you marry me (name)" was spelled out in lit votive candles beside the walkway.

  • antnee5788

    I think I have him beat. I made this video after our trip to London in March

  • nandy

    is cool but i think is fake… i mean… they really can do that with a apartement but did this guy know all the people oh those apartments… and they dint make any mistakes on the switching all the lights…. I' have seen that before but in basketball games or baseball and I think they pay for that but is a international games that everyon in the world see it…not with a unknown guy just to proposal a woman… but if this is real…I admire this guy because it was awsome.

  • Chivoso

    Waiting for the Capricorn One moment on all this. Seems highly implausible, improbable. Has anyone compare the window / pixels? There's something pretty fishy about all of it.

  • cheynecg

    So that's why my office light kept turning on and off…

  • GregS18348

    Wow. She's all that (and a bag of chips)!

  • feltsy05

    I think I just got trolled into watching a doritos commercial.

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  • Ray


  • shaolin555

    its guys like this that make it next to impossible to impress women…thanks a lot u bastard

  • Donkey

    I know her. This is bullsh*t.

  • Otanod

    She is very beautiful, nice job!

  • Da Sandman

    he's getting some tonight!

  • http://remostussy.tumblr.com/ remostussy

    what a waste of chips…

  • Kazakor

    Makes me want to propose all over again. Well, not really, but it SHOULD make me want to propose all over again.

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