WTF animals (26 Photos)

  • what what

    Google this:

  • Joey


  • I_ cant_hear_u

    Half of these probably r lurking in the Hilton sisters pubes

  • Christine Miss-ImmortalMedia

    Awesome thread… Too cool =)

  • Cole

    Gotta catch 'em all

  • HagfishOnEarth

    I usued to work on Hagfish during my PhD. There are lots of creepy creatures out there…

  • Pauly

    They look like real life pokemon!!

  • Pauly

    I hate it when you make a comment that you think is original then find out that some else already posted something similar 😦

  • Kathy49601

    #9 looks like a muppet

  • csknivesfan

    chive #22 is incorrect thwould be a monk fish

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