WTF animals (26 Photos)

  • Me2


    • float

      #24 & #25……perfect fucking names!

      • Average Chiver

        fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

    • Toots


      really? "Bare"? illiterate fucks.

    • NoPants

      Congrats you must now lick the hag fish

  • Bill

    people's time is limited

  • Craigery

    #1 Enough with this picture. It was shocking the first time I saw it. After seeing it a thousand more times, it's not shocking. Time to retire this one.

    • Paula_

      It's all because you asshats aren't submitting enough pics! It's your own damned fault!

      – the one you love to hate

      • Stan_Dalone

        you are #24 no doubt about it

    • jack

      cool story bro, tell it again.

      • sixdeadelves

        cool story bro, tell it again.

    • Joe

      Your comment has also been repeated ad-nauseum, without the benefit of being a cool picture, or interesting in any way.

      • Joseph

        still doesn't mean he doesn't have a point.

        • Joeyk

          Youre probably wondering why i called this meeting…

    • Meh

      Yeah, best post your Mom's face, I hear that's pretty shocking.

    • Tink

      Just wait til you find one lurking behind your trashcan……

  • woot

    #24 paula

    • lol

      Literally laughed out loud at this…

    • Paula_

      Before make-up.

      – the one you love to hate

      • SweetAwesomeness

        #25 after make-up

        • Jamie Lynn Aragonez

          ahahahahaha SOOO true

        • Paula_

          Nah… more like this:

          – insert "Ohs", "Wows" and "Ahs" below this line:_______________

          • J_Dub

            see, sometimes her links are worth looking at!
            How am I supposed to learn not to trust you when you do stuff like that?

            It's like opening an all Asian post, sometimes it's a trick and sometimes its an awesome reward…

          • cubicman

            Hey Honey…miss You and still love You

        • TJ0351

          Still laughing while typing…….

      • GernBlansten

        Still would….

    • femtrooper1

      Dont insult that poor blobfish.

    • colombianchiver

      not gonna sleep tonight

  • steve


  • Simon James Law

    #4 baby Tapir simply makes me want to say awww.

    • Gaydar

      Detecting strong signals in this area

    • Joe

      Once I traveled to Brazil, and they served tapir in a road-side restaurant. It was delicious ….

      • Peter Bergman

        I would imagine it was but . . . the Tapir is a protected species and the national animal of
        Belize. People don't even joke about eating Tapir. Taking, possessing, selling, buying
        are all national crimes.
        A lot of ''bush meat'' is served in Belizean eating places but I've never seen Tapir
        on any menu.

  • kj;hkluh


    • V4Vendetta14

      The full size one looks more like dumbo.

  • Bear Grylls

    #21 Picatchu? sp.?

    • Dachand3

      Maybe not pikachu but definitely looks like a pokemon.

    • Myke Hawke

      Obv not if you were a true survival expert like me you'd know these little suckers are packed with protein and excellent survival food when stranded in the oceans depths.

      • V4Vendetta14

        I guess you have a thing for hydro-thermal vents…You often reach 6600 feet below the surface?

      • crowebar360

        ummm… I would think when you are "stranded in the ocean depths", what you're going to eat is not your primary concern. I think oxygen might take precedence over protein.

    • Al Snow

      wow you couldn't even spell Pikachu right, seriously, and the fact it looks nothing like it as well.

    • Average Chiver

      for some reason, this gave me the hugest boner……now i fap!

  • AssClown

    #7 Paula's vagina…

    • Myke Hawke

      Doesn't matter would sex

      • VinVega

        What…that's grammatically incorrect.
        In the words of Samuel L Jackson, ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER DO YOU SPEAK IT

        • M.Loaf


    • Boom!

      Paula's buthole after eating chilli…

  • litbiz


  • desmond tutu

    seriously chive?? i was high watchin this… scared the shit outta me

    • BearonStilts


  • fail

    #15 is a Hairy Frog, not horror frog.

    • Yessirr

      Damn you autocomplete! haha

    • both


    • sam

      no no, its a horror frog

      • Megan Campbell

        horror frog makes far more sense to me

  • Yessirr

    #4 looks like it should be in Avatar.

    • NoPants

      nah it has four limbs, if it needs to be from Avatar needs to have 6 limbs and weird tentacle bits off hits head

  • ZAM ZUE!

    #7 Best. BJ. Ever.

    • NoPants

      wow you must have a record breaking tiny penis, poor you.

    • Tairran

      Actually, that is it's nose.
      This is a blind mole that has evolved to have advanced feelers on the tip of it's nose to navigate through it's tunnels.

  • Jason Ciotti

    Yup…wtf about sums it up. Go nature!

  • Meh

    #17 is a bear, not a bare. A little more research, perhaps?

    • Coldzilla

      um that has nothing to do with "research"

    • Claude M.

      do you SEE any clothing on this bear?

  • echogeo

    Probably considered a delicacy too.

    • Meh

      Yeah they have to boil it, fire just doesn't seem to affect it.

      • IUCN

        …Critically endangered

        • sixdeadelves

          that's what makes it taste so good

    • satchel

      i hear their teeth will shred your flesh if they bite you. little sharp serated teeth

  • Kristi Farley-Cota

    #4 I think I want one

    • sixdeadelves

      but what does it do?

      • Peter Bergman

        Eats a lot, gets big, pushes over trees.

      • Underhill

        Eats, sleeps, makes babies.

    • Stan_Dalone

      One does not simply walk into a pet store and buy one

  • chicago

    #23 ..I've seen these before. …except this one is missing the tire-tread marks

  • wkdfrog

    #1 Twice in the same day Chive? Really? If you must post the same picture twice, make it of a hot Chivette!

  • Scottie D

    #23’s head looks a like a penis sporting the helmet.

    • the other Jen

      ugh, reminds me of my ex

  • anony

    #17 Sun Bear* – I love them!

  • Robbio

    Don't mess with the Echidna, bugger has a 4-headed penis…

    • Myke Hawke

      You sound like an expert in this area.

    • Joe

      Uhhhhhh… my Mom always told me a 4 headed penis was normal??

  • MissChris

    #10 Ok seriously? Evolution is just fucking with us at this point.

    • RGH

      Poor guy lost a bet when it came to names.

  • kevin

    Please tell me they didn’t spell bear wrong.

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