German guy doesn’t understand “fish in a barrel” (Video)

In his broken English, a German guy decided to break down the term “shooting fish in a barrel.” To be fair, he decided to rant at 5:44am, which is when just about any thought becomes deep, profound, and deconstructive.

via Jest.

  • Jade

    That's why some immigrants end up shooting themselves when they move to another country……………….

    In a barrel! 😀

  • lawnboymk07

    “Why am I having a gun to shoot the fish?” HILARIOUS!! “I have a cake, then I put it into a barrel, and then I shoot it.” LAUGHING ON THE FLOOR!!

  • Nigel Twatsingham

    Typical German. Over engineering things. Don't think about it! Just point your Mauser at the fish, shoot, cook, and enjoy!

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  • Bee

    German people are so hilarious. I have 2 German uncles and they wreak havoc on the Americans when they come every Christmas.

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