More ridiculous sports photos timed for your amusement (33 Photos)

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #14 lingerie basketball? when and where is this on?!?!?

    • ScotchLobster

      If the WNBA was like this, I'd actually watch it.

      • echogeo

        I'd go to the games.

      • Seth Michaels

        I still probably wouldn't watch it…

        • qwert

          i'd watch the recaps…

    • Da Bulls

      Games are on ESPN 8 "The Ocho"

    • Misfit7734

      There in a testing phase now. they played in l.a. 3 weeks ago i have two friends on a team

  • Anonymous

    Double kill

  • Nathan_Wind

    #18 #23 Well there's a fine how-do-you-don't.

    • dashete

      That's exactly the reason I used to hate being Lock. You're either lifting ass or pushing it.

      • LuckCumStainFaceBoy

        LOL .. the same reason I loved being hooker. hee hee

      • M.Loaf

        Lifting ass, pushing ass, scrums, male hookers…And they say rugby is played by "real" men.

  • Flen

    Double kill

    • Shawn

      Ninja Soccer!

      • forestchiver

        If it were ninja soccer we wouldnt be able to see them

    • flow1

      the awkward moment when you begin to realize you're in the middle of a breakdance contest and it's only a matter of time until you get kicked in the face

  • Michael

    #9 #22 #23
    Rugby, Rugby, Rugby!!!!!!

    • Guestimations

      manlier than american football (otherwise known as handegg) and football

      • Franklin1138

        Hell yeah, it is. You've gotta have balls to play that game.

      • M.Loaf

        Yo, Guestimations!
        Testicle-grabbing is not condoned in American football.
        Methinks you have a different understanding of "manly".

        • GiraffeUnderground

          Don't know what picture you are looking at but there is no testicle grabbing, and by manlier I was going with all that padding American Handegg players wear, and the fact the gay bromanship is evident in american handegg culture.

          • soon

            I will find you and I will marry you.

          • Malkintosh22

            To be fair, with the padding, football players hit a lot harder than rugby players. They're both different sports that deserve respect.

            • Mother

              Ive played Rugby and Football, Rugby is way rougher and the hits are just as hard. Some one goes to the hospital almost every rugby game….. Rugby > Football

    • illuminati

      sadly, i have done #9 while propping in #23 lol, my flanker almost died coming out of the break he was laughing so hard

    • MrSimo4561

      the middle pic looks like rugby jesus

  • Todd_A

    #4 – F*CK YOU A-ROD!!.. Yeah…. F YOU…..

    • Master_Rahl

      yeah, EAT IT A-roid. One of my favorite pics… and I'm such a fairweather fan

    • Golf-Rod

      Hey Todd, you're allowed to fucking swear on this site.

  • Michael

    It did feel good to see A-Rod to strikeout to end the game last night.

    • daveh873

      Between that and watching the Red Sox choke away their chance at the playoffs at the hands of the Orioles, the baseball season has been quite enjoyable.

    • whodat

      GO TIGERS!

      • U Sink Long Tigers!


    • Perry Duran

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  • Neko

    #20 Must go, my planet needs me…

    • Perry Duran

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      • waah

        peddle your shit somewhere else…

  • Still_Counts

    #6 That girl is working that pole alright.

    • James

      in soviet russia, the pole dances you

      • Cy Unger

        There have been a lot of lame attempts at perpetuating that meme, but yours just might be lamest.

        James, go to your room.

  • Todd_A

    #29 – Hell YEAH! Earl 'Mother Fuck**g Boykins. He loved that he had that name in the NBA.

    • Jbass

      Did this really happen? And the were the Christians ok with it? Must be good times then.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      why did you put asterisks for the i & n, but left the entire word "fuck?" Censorship FAIL

  • TheRealSnowman

    #18 Weeehooo oh give it to me, you big stud!


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  • Todd_A

    #25 – Fore / Four – Arms…. Again.. C'mon Chive, this one has been shown enough….

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  • Tony


    Have you ever been so mad you tackled a steer?

    • Meh

      yeah, but your Mom gave up quite a fight

    • Hoovus

      Cowboys don't get enough respect. They are tough as nails.

  • tomchalm

    #7 I found jesus!!

    oh wait, i really did! #22

    • Yaump

      Jesus Christ
      Rugby Star

    • Ha.Ha.

      except Jesus had a much thinner frame and was ripped. That guy is too stocky and muscular. It must be his bro.

  • dashete

    #13 You don't bring air-drums to a breakdance battle.

  • bigcat72


  • Stan_Dalone

    #4 Really, I don't see anything in your eye

  • FloppyRocks

    #22 Jesus?

    • FloppyDoesntRock

      Yes, anyone with a beard and longer hair is jesus.

    • Bucky Jones

      It's like an angel ascending to rugby heaven.

    • Jon-QC

      Kleeberger! He's a bud of mine and he just finished playing in the rugby world cup.
      His beard raised a lot of attention, and now he's raising money to FUCK CANCER by shaving his beard!

  • 'Loke Wai Kei


    Video of the shot for your enjoyment. 😉

    • Perry Duran

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    • waah

      Damn, that's some funny shit right there!

  • Cody Klein

    #13 makings of extreme YMCA.

    • bigcat72

      ur doing it wrong 😛 Looks more like ZAP? maybe?

  • Cake is a Lie

    #9 uhm… dude… I can see your scrum

  • bigcat72


  • outof816

    Considering it's Jay Cutler, it's not really a surprise that he threw it right to the defender… #2

  • apg

    #3 What you don't know is that their fingers are glued together.

  • ALFfriend

    Rodeos and bullfighting aren't sports, they're animal torture. I'm sure this comment will draw a flurry of manly responses, many referring to me as "gay" or "hippie", but I am simply a twenty-year animal rights activist who can't stand the barbarism these events glorify. I'll watch a couple of humans torture and kill each other anyday. That's good entertainment. Assuming they signed up for it. But these animals don't get to make that choice.

    Watch these videos if you want to inform yourself.

    You be the judge….

    • ALFfriend

      This is supposed to be the second video:


      • Luchadoray

        still pretty entertaining

      • Sassy_

        omg i couldn't watch more than a minute of those.. that is truly disgusting. i had no idea.

      • Caligula

        You are not doing yourself any favors by saying you will gladly watch someone torture and kill someone else….people in the military sign up knowing this is a possibility . You would gladly watch servicemen being tortured and killed? You ever actually watch someone being tortured?

        If you eat chicken but are mad about bullfighting, then your anger and outrage is arbitrary.

        • ALFfriend

          I'm vegan. And I have personally watched a number of people being tortured and killed. Humans are different. We're able to choose our path. If your path leads to your destruction, I don't feel sorry for you. These animals are forced into this mess. It's much different. If you're wondering how I've seen such things- I'm not only a vegan animal rights activist (20 years strong) I'm a Major in the 19th Special Forces, Airborne (3 generations strong, Army strong). So, now what's your excuse for being such an asshole?

          • USMC8654Justice

            i call bullshit on the last part of this. well bullshit on the whole thing. but mostly the last part.

        • dave

          I don't agree with his comments about people being killed or tortured. I also don't agree with your comparison of human food-production with torture of animals for fun. Clearly they are not the same. No-one chases chickens around, throwing stuff at them, tying up their genitals or stabbing them in order to provoke a reaction. It's an entirely specious comparison. It's not the killing of animals that is the problem, it's how and why the killing takes place. No suffering and for food is fine in my book, lots of suffering and simply for fun isn't.

          • Mike Hinkle

            I'm guessing you making the "tying up their genitals" comment about rodeo animals. Do your research before making claims about things you know nothing about? There is nothing ever tied around the genitals of rodeo animals! The flank strap is tied around just that the flank of the animal!

      • Joseph Momma

        If you're really an "ALF" friend then neither hippy nor gay apply to you. You're a friend to a group of terrorists. Congratulations.

        • ALFfriend

          Terrorists, liberationists… history re-write itself constantly. But go ahead and keep feeling sanctimonious while you sit around and do nothing to change the world.

          • waah

            Dude, go peddle your "save the animals" shit on another site….I'm here specifically to have fun at other people's expenses and look at fine chicks…nuff said

    • Johnson

      Schoking content man!

    • Kitten

      The SPCA monitars these now since a few years ago. No longer are the animals allowed to be tortured or abused and all are required medical attention. As for bull fighting, the need to bleed them or the bulls can have cardiac arrest.

      • Kitten

        also in america they dont kill them afterward, only in mexico where anti-cruelty laws don't exist

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Actually the SPCA has been monitoring rodeos for decades. There are very strict rules in the treatment of the livestock.

        • ALFfriend

          The SPCA is a great organization. They do all they can, I'm sure. Sadly, they can't be everywhere. all the time.

    • Guesty

      animals are not humans. stop treating them as such.

      • ALFfriend

        What an enlightened viewpoint.

    • Denton

      Rodeos are so fun to go to! Great 'Merican tradition!

    • Chicken

      Cows taste good. Eat more cow.

      • ALFfriend

        "Chicken", I'm guessing you're saying this so that you can spend more time crammed into a small cage with 3 or 4 of your friends, all of you with clipped beaks, totally insane, and rotting in shit and filth until you finally die. I can see why you'd want to hang in there.

    • Wyoming Cowboy

      As a professional bullrider myself, I can assure you that the animals used for bull riding and in the rodeos are among the best taken care of any livestock. These animals are fed the best grain and have regular vet checks because they are worth it to their owners. Having their prize bulls injured or tortured is the last thing that the owners want, because that is their source of income. So before you go out and make your claims that it is wrong maybe you should actually check your facts first. And the video of the cowboys killing the downed steer is humane, not torture. The animal was injured and rather than make it suffer, they put it down quickly and painlessly. Yes, you may say that the animal wouldn't have been injured if not for the sport of bullriding but the animal has just as much a chance of being injured by being out in the fields, where there wouldn't be a trained vet ringside waiting to help it.

      • ALFfriend

        Do your justifications satisfy you? Because they don't change anything in the real world, cowboy.

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          Yet ranting on a website does? Thank you for your service, but please don't act like you know everything. He brought up legitimate points about rodeos in the U.S. That battle was lost. However, you still can fight the good fight about bullfighting. That does seem like a cruel sport. Stabbing the bull with whatever those things are called until the matador can stab it in the face with his sword to kill it, that sounds like territory you could conquer. Make headway in areas where victory is assured before venturing into the thick of it.

        • Kitten

          the cowboy brings up a great point, and you shot him down Alf, open your mind to what others have to bring to the argument.

      • dave

        They might be physically fine, but to repeatedly antagonise them over the course of their life for entertainment clearly isn't in their best interests. Unless you can say that bulls actually like being fucked with, your point is rather short-sighted. I'm not having a go at you, just your rather lacklustre reasoning.

      • Mike Hinkle

        Well I'm glad someone from in the sport can come forward and stand up for it. Proud Wyomingite myself!

    • killbane

      Hey ALFfriend…Go fuck your mother.

      • jasgat

        Or…. Go get your shine box

      • ALFfriend

        Oh, you're a clever one….

        • Drew Malkin

          Wait… I thought Alf ate cats. How could you be his friend if you are a vegan?

    • Guest

      Not a fuck is given ……………………..

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