The highest insured body parts in celebrity history (22 Photos)

*NOTE* Some of these insurance policies have been adjusted for inflation. Most notably the older celebs.

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  • Scotsman

    #16 "Community" makes sense now. (S2 Anthropology Final)

  • brad

    #7 – fat, tube-like legs with no shape. Better legs seen on various Chivettes every day…

  • frypod

    #10 Not bad for someone who was born a hermaphrodite.

  • Fred Goss

    You forgot F1 Driver Fernando Alonso, his thumbs are insured for 13.3 Million!

  • steve0

    Who is Jamie Lee Cirtis?

  • Brother Maynard

    #22 Hell no, she's not good looking and has an average voice.

  • bubblerider86

    yea being a celebrity you can get away with weirdness like this…..i'm still confused as to how they got those numbers, who do you even talk to for that?? O_o

    • David

      Lloyd’s of London likely writes most of these insurance policies.

      @obobo: why would they not write these policies? The chance of the policy paying out is slim, so the premium they receive is like free money. On the flip side, if you make millions with a part of your body and there is even a slim chance a freak accident ends your career, why not buy some insurance for pennies on the dollar?

  • Commando00

    I'm surprised they don't have Ron Jeremy in this list.

    #3 #8 #22………worth every penny!

  • michaeledmondsjr

    #3 is f'in amazing!

  • Jacob

    #22 – Her ass is not that big. Its big, not that big. That's a Kim Kardashian ass.

  • loso

    If Obama loses the election we all get paid in the form of a job

  • chong

    lets combine them all and make a person

  • obobo

    i dont understand why insurance companies actually insure parts of a human what a waste of fucking money

  • Geoff

    How the hell did polomalu's hair not get on here..?

  • Brian

    No way that #20 or #13 are worth anywhere near #7 or #8. Time for some insurance adjuster to retire.

  • Allie Howard

    So it goes Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Jamie Lee, Tina Turner, Betty Grable…proof that seasoned celebs are still worth more than today's batch. I'll happily agree with #19 as well

  • Anonymous

    … What?

    why the fuck would anybody insure mustache and chest hair? or Teeth for that matter…

  • DillardNelson

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  • leyo

    #14 her smile is not cute

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  • stukesm4

    #22 worth every penny.

  • guest

    I've always thought the two women celebrities with the most beautiful legs are #10 Jamie Lee Curtis
    and the not pictured Ann Heche. Both women have the most sensuous legs on a celebrity I've ever

  • JAG

    ‘David’ is completely right. Way to actually use your brain. A 300 million dollar policy for J LO’s ass is a minimum 3 million commission for the agent. Plus massive premium payments to the insurance company on a regular basis. The celebrities are throwing money away.

  • Urewelcome

    Don't forget about Dave Matthews voice, ( .50 cent)

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