We haven’t done an Asian girl post long time (32 Photos)

  • aBg_rOnGak

    Looks like just some Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans, Philippines and/or Vietnamese….Asia has alot more race and country…the Arabs, Indians, South Easterns (Indonesia/Malaysia/Brunei/Thai)…

  • SantanaRenee

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  • Cross

    #2 and #6. I'm no school administrator, but there's an extension program going on in my pants.

  • miscellaneous

    this has to be one of the greatest posts ever

  • redeagle58

    Rick, I couldn't agree more!!! I adour them all they r soooo sexy. I want 1 or2 for my own. God their sexy!! Chive HQ WE WANT MORE… please!!

  • Johnny Bloom

    #16 on the right. Please find her Chive

  • wolfmax

    OMG! Please do moar!!!!

  • amplidudes

    We haven’t done an Asian girl post long time – Because you can never be sure, if it's a ladyboy

  • Bob

    #10…Asian…schoolgirls. Oh my god.
    #32…This face just says, "Bang me". But then again, I am a classless lout.

  • Alexgm

    Amazing, 32 pics and not one with the dreaded fish lips. Must be a western thing.

  • John Robert

    The fact is that there is beauty in women of all cultures, races, ethnicities, etc.
    I am amazed by the beauty of several of the women in this chive post.
    The classless fools (usually, but not always, white guys) making the racist comments are pitiful.
    A sad sad life for the racists making inappropraite comments. So sad. Get a life.

  • John Robert

    Perfection and beauty that simply amazes me.
    Grace Park, Hawaii 5-0.

  • Básica

    all them are hot, however the reality shows that the women of are like that in Asia are just 1% of the whole population

  • JLO

    please find #6 and #7

  • http://makemoneywithian.com/ kathrynfkoopman

    These are great photos and I know many people really has great body and they should be keeping their body normal and healthy at the same time. thank you for sharing those photos out there.

  • Always Last


  • Anonymous

    Porn arb girl

  • Average_Joe123

    #17 Jamie Chung and Grace Park are definitely the hottest Asian females in mainstream American culture presently.

  • ddp

    sexy and adorable!

  • scudrazor

    #7 want
    #10 need

  • freezer boy

    #2,#10,#24. I've got yellow fever! ,Luv asian women. Beautiful! Sushi time!

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