Soooo…. you got wasted (35 Photos)

  • Psy Rush

    1st !!! ribit

    • 8===><===8

      You stole that from reddit.

    • Dot

      I don't know what you'rALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD

  • Gabriel


    • markkens

      "It's Saturday in Athens…."

  • Bribri

    Seen a lot better wasted threads… Not impressed with this weekend chive…

  • rectalglaucoma

    #12 Drunk BBWs………….I'm gettin laid tonight!!!

    • Art

      There girls are so far from BBW's

    • penis


      • rectalglaucoma

        So you have never had sex with a drunk girl??
        Oh the things they will do………..

    • Stan_Dalone

      they are Drunk, they maybe stupid, but they are not BBW's

      • Stan

        Depends on your standards…

  • Stan_Dalone

    #4 I have a headache, OMG what did I do? #13 Budda all hail Budda oh wait that's not

    • Mr. Thundercack

      hey retard, are you referring to Buddha ? You sir are the least amusing douche on this site.

      • Stan_Dalone

        hey thunderchicken that doesn't look like budda to you, then you are a bigger turd then I thought you were

        • Mr. Thundercack

          Check your spelling retard……I have no idea who budda is.

          • Stan_Dalone

            then you really are as dumb as you sound

            • Mr. Thundercack

              You see Stan..Buddha was the founder of Buddhism. I still have no idea who you are so lamely referring to since you spelled it b u d d a. Get it retard ?

              • Stan_Dalone

                TFF paula I mean Thunderchicken

          • Stan_Dalone

            paula, oh I mean Thunderchicken you are so easy to get worked up, I misspell stuff all the time just to give you something to do. if you are picking on me you don't have time to pick on anyone else rotflmao

            • Chill Boon

              lol at your dumb-ass thinking that's Paula. just confess your love for him, and get it over with.

              • Stan_Dalone

                you need to follow your name.

      • Ghost in the Machin

        agreed. he's less funny than AssClown(and a bigger douche on top of it).

  • AssClown

    #25 Aren't homeless people drunk their whole life?

    • Stan_Dalone

      no only alcoholic homeless other homeless are just down on their luck

    • Tim Gunn

      i don't know, but they're certainly funnier than you.

      • Stan_Dalone

        I was truthful, not trying to be funny, nothing funny about being homeless when you're down on your luck

        • Tim Gunn

          i was addressing AssClown.

    • MonkeyMadness

      That's why I refuse to give them money. Most of them spend it on alcohol. I know there are some that are truly down on their luck and could use some help but I never know if I should or not. So I don't.

  • Paula_

    #19 Oh! My! Fucking! God!
    Those sweaters!
    Burn them! Burn them down!

    – the one you love to hate

    • Stan_Dalone

      they are still better looking than you are, so if they burn so should you lmao

      • Bubba

        Xmas and getting hammerd go very well together. Clothes can be taken off…

      • Ghost in the Machin

        damn, your insults are so lame……

        • Stan_Dalone

          I tell it like it is, I am not here to test how funny or lame I can be nut job

    • NebraskaGuy

      For about the third time, Paula, I agree with you … they DO need to burn those sweaters … and the bras beneath 😉 hehe

  • .riley

    … jackpot.

  • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

    #12 Hello ladies, wanna hate yourselves in the morning?

    • William F. Buckley

      holy crap man, get yourself some standards.

  • Paula_

    #32 triple surprise buttsex? I want in!

    – the one you love to hate

    • Nick25

      then bendover bitch

      • Captain Obvious

        You have 3 penises?

  • waltgator

    #24 she's a keeper!

    • Stan_Dalone

      it might be paula and if it is I wouldn't keep her if I were you

      • Maddoxx

        stop voting your own comments up.

        • Stan_Dalone

          how do you do that? Would love to learn. especially since paula does it all the time Do you use more than one PC? or what?

  • Jack_LeMac

    #11 Someone's in pre-vomit mode
    #13 "I know you're all wondering why I've called you here."

    • ibs

      pre-vomit indeed ! you should see the mess created after the photo

  • aciekay

    #15 may be drunk, but he's stiiiiill cute.

    • Juan De Dios

      u are the girl every drunk man deserves

      • A Gentleman

        yeah. a complete and total ho.

        • morebeer

          Cause she said a guy is cute? Way to get your hate on, douche

          • hMMMM

            playing the nice guy role….SCORE

            • morebeer

              Totally going to lead to sex

    • aciekay

      wtf? i'm in agreement with mr. morebeer. since when does calling someone cute make a girl a ho? 😛

  • MidwestChiver

    #10 it's the magical giraffe

    • forestchiver

      It's Raffi


      This reminded me of that one episode of Wilfred where Wilfred bangs the stuffed giraffe. “Thanks to you, I'm going to town on the deepest throat in the animal kingdom.” Wilfred is literally a dog for those who don't know what I'm talking about.

  • dante37

    #8 It's one thing to write on a guy's face when he's passed out but to give him cornrows, that's just cruel.

  • putnam120

    #31, not drunk, just at a baseball game. That seems like a normal reaction.

    • Jason

      Bald guy is pleased. Having sex in the parking lot after game.

  • Pete_Rock

    I'm in for a drink now.

  • Harmony Farner

    Chive on #35!

    • Ling

      redundant post is redundant.

      • Harmony Farner

        You're right. My bad!

  • Harmony Farner

    #10 "Raffi's" revenge!

    • phydor

      instantly thought of Wilfred

      • Harmony Farner

        Great minds think alike!

    • Black6dog

      Okay, so I literally just watched the first episode I've ever seen of that last night, that exact episode, while getting drunk, wtf, crazy damn coincidence!

      • Harmony Farner


  • longhop

    #24 Hey look i found a dollar.

    • Juan De Dios

      Nope chuck testa

  • longhop

    #24 Ok tell the cops to hurry up and get the seach over with.

  • Burpo

    #27 #28 #30 Ahhhh! Oktoberfest! Jackpot!

    • thirstybackpacker

      Oh the memories of seeing people pass out and roll down that hill. Its amazing. Gotta love pass out hill for a bit of hilarity.

  • James Browning

    #3 I spy a nipple

  • Jason

    #16 Wow, you doucheknuckles managed to drink at least a twelve pack between the three of you!

    • MooseMoose

      yeah, they got schwasted

    • _nando_

      I know right, and the fact that they used tape just kills it

    • db3300

      Was that all you could manage to swipe out of your dad's beer fridge? Seriously, that's embarrassing. I count 18 beers in that pic. Most of the readers here could drink that much before getting up for their first piss.

      • hMMMM

        cut them some slack…they're obviously in high school and mommy and daddy went away for the weekend.

  • Smitty

    #13 – Sometimes in strip poker, you just let your opponent win. Keep your clothes dude!

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