• SomeDude

    In lean years, when the private sector stops spending, the government has to step in and spend, or the private sector shrinks. BUT to support the deficit spending in lean years, the government needs to run a surplus in fat years.

    Remember what happened to our fat year surpluses? They went to tax breaks for the rich.

  • skylarrr

    LOL his campaign slogan should be "GET YO SHIT TOGETHER!" WOW this guy is awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.babcock1 Ryan Babcock

    That may be the best Video I've ever watched on the Chive!

  • mike re

    "i'm pissed the fuck, i can't, ughaaaaawwww" lmao

    • Fred

      That sound like a personal problem to me! Get over yourself.

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    I now learned more from this gentleman than I have ever learned from some guy who thought he knew what he was talking about.

    This guy. Dang, that's real.

  • Mattman

    Been there.

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    I like the comment he made about how WE owe CHINA money when America is all about Capitalism.

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  • DSC


  • Katoun

    dntuwsh: Hey, I admit my mistake I got burned :D. I forgot that people around the world have different ways of thinking, different country, history, education, etc. When I ask a question I have to mention that has no attack to any person, beliefe or religion.
    And this is my original post:
    "How about no more presidents ever?
    It seems that politics is good for nothing world wide.
    How about world being lead by scientists and not by politicians?
    Chivers everywere what do you think about the above ideas?"
    Hey I am from Europe and we have problems with politics here to and I don't trust them anymore.
    Then who is best instead? Maybe educated people..

  • smugface

    This guy, is too damn high!

  • Wyatt

    I'm super stoked that I click on this to listen to this and thechive has automatic talking ads all over the page. Awesome planning guys!

  • superhumano

    the ending is just perfect…

  • freshfraser

    That was just…amazing. I think that's how everyone feels right now, and for good reason.

  • http://Homes4Men.com Stafferty

    The government has NEVER been balanced. EVER. And when the government spends domestically (infrastructural, government contracting) on something other than tax cuts, the unemployment rate tends to go down. Under Reagan and Bush Sr., who doubled the national debt from 33% of GDP to 65%, Unemployment went from as high as 10.4% down to 7.4%. Government spending usually takes us OUT of a recession. (Look at FDR's New Deal). Obama has even lowered the unemployment rate from 10.1 in October 2009 to 9.1 currently. Yes, it is a slow recovery, but that is due to Greenspan's/Bernanke's low interest rates effectively allowing banks to keep Fed money virtually risk free. (Borrow at 0-0.25%, invest in Treasuries @ 2%, why risk giving out loans?)

    Look up the charts yourself and read Keynes instead of Friedman/Adam Smith who have drastically outdated ideas.

    (BTW, if you are going to go political, you do it like this, with facts and statistics instead of Rhetoric and Nazi name calling)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1799533892 Aaron Root

    So sick of seeing this fucking retarded video posted everywhere. It's neither funny, profound, or interesting in any way. Shut the fuck up.

    • Jim

      You are without a doubt a sick person. You should go get help or find a cave and crawl in it. Go ahead end your misery!

  • Prangsta

    The debt ceiling has been raised year after year after year. Do you really think this is something that has just happened for the first time. It was put off by Obama's opposition in order to make him look bad.
    I'm not saying the situation is good, but how could you possibly lay the blame on one president and tell him to stop raising the debt ceiling and fix everything right now.
    Obamas idea when his back was to the wall was to raise taxes on the super wealthy.
    I don't know, those are my thoughts.

  • Idiots

    What do y'all think about abortion?

  • Fred

    I’m a 99%. I believe it is time to take back our Constitutional rights, “For the People, By the People, of the People.” The message being delivered to Wall Street from Main Street is on point. The rich/wealthy and big corporations must STOP running this country and pay their taxes. End the Bush taxes breaks! The people will speak and be heard. It is a new sheriff in town called MAIN STREET!

  • Anonymous

    Genxrevution, what the fuck are you on about, were talking about the recovery of the economy not WW2, was applauding you on having a good president is not an insult, so please do not retaliate with one without cause, try if you can not to be a tit.

  • Mike

    This guy should have been the first black president. Forget Obama, he's not even full black. We need more people like this to say fuck you government!

  • Nishtai

    Awesome. Just awesome

  • Mucinex

    I was going to listen to this video but I can't hear it over the 8,000 MUCINEX COMMERCIALS PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND.

  • .Krookz

    Fuck Obama

  • nerd

    i'd vote for him

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