It takes an internet detective to Find Her (35 Photos)

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    • Truth

      lots of questionable taste on this one

      • Kit9

        agreed. the chivers will request any chick that isn't half-way(or in the case of the ones with tits bigger than bowling balls, are) deformed. low standards.

    • Jak

      Someone find #19 and put her in as jessica rabbit outfit, STAT!

  • iambigd42

    #11 FTW!

    • Jay

      It's photoshopped. Somebody posted the real pic when this first went on theCHIVE. Her ass and tits are a lot smaller.

      • iambigd42


      • fanboy

        thank God. They need to be. Her ass is huge

      • LG_

        This is the original:

        And she's a featured girl on Supertangas.

        • oughtnot

          She looks a lot better in the original ….

          • Machew

            Still would.

        • LG_

          Her name is actually Elaine and she's from Argentina:

          One found. 🙂

          • JDB

            Ur purdy…. :*

          • Shockwave

            A woman after my own heart helping find other beautiful women. Thanks LG!

          • wrangler86

            She's nice, but still not in your league LG!

            • JROC

              great try but you're not sleeping with chive celeb lg

            • -09-0

              wuuuuuuuuuuut???? just…..stop lying……

      • mojo789

        Correction…Tits are much smaller…Ass same size and no it does not need to be smaller it is perfect!

    • adventxero

      I saw the original pic. She's still blazing hot. Find her.

    • john j powell

      She just can't be real! WOW

    • Isaac Witmer
    • Jerome Soucy

      Real name is Catherine Dee, not from Argentina. Here's more pictures:

      My pleasure!


  • Kyle
    • JDFLA

      Let's see some more from her Chive

      • Jonesin453

        Cute picture

    • Tuff Guy

      That's not her. The chick on Twitter has no tata's.

    • aXe

      lmao thats farah maine… take a look

    • DCMOFO

      Here's where that pic came from, it's one of the last ones:

      • Kyle

        lol That's how I found her twitter page.

        • aXe

          but seems wrong…may be she uses more than one nickname

          • axe

            farah maine is a fake profile. those pics are all from collegehumor and there hasn't been any new ones since 2009

  • LoneOsprey

    #19 is Lauren Langley. Her modle mayhem profile:

    • Battrry

      i thought it was jessica rabbit…

    • Scott


  • Stan_Dalone

    #3 #6 #32 made my day, holy shit

    • Scott

      I'm pretty sure #3 is Arielle Kebbel. Actress. Cute as hell.

    • Justin

      #6 Holy Color

    • DUDE!

      #32 appears to be pia miller,

  • Çreep

    #33 im not sure but looks like janessa Brasil.

    • MelloC

      Andrea Rincon … Google Her … Thank me later !

      • fanboy

        no… ass is huge

        • 09u9j

          agreed. just looks sloppy.

      • MelloC

        My bad lets go with artistic names Selena Spice aka Andrea Rincon

    • dmc

      try coco ice t's girl

    • Chuck

      Hope thats not her bush hanging down…

    • Oscar

      Andrea Rincon, colombian

  • chicago

    #6 #10 #11 … never, ever, mind a re-post. keep lookin' Chive.

  • Gracyon

    #11 Lives in Photoshop.

    • Craigery

      Yeah, I've seen her there. She must spend a lot of time there.

  • Pen15

    #25, what happened was.. No really, whats going on here…

    • Jay

      Never try to stiff a prostitute. Unless you've already paid her.

    • That_irishguy

      Its Rihanna in belfast last week shooting a new video

      • Jerky Ned

        Rihanna, prostitute, same difference.

  • Stan_Dalone

    #33 i love Indians #32 Polynesian?

    • Bubba

      Indian? American natives! Oh fuck it, good call Dan!

      • Stan_Dalone

        this was debated sometime ago and yes they are Indians like to be called Indians to hell with being politically correct. PC crap is crap

        • Travis Schoenborn

          its native or native american

    • Travis Schoenborn

      but thats an ass i can look at all day

      • Average Chiver

        i'd like to see her spray some liquid shit from it onto my face!!

    • pocho

      Indian?? #33 is from Colombia

  • turbodude

    There's something very sexy about an armed woman…

    • Stan_Dalone

      Deviant model Vanessa upton

    • shoop de doop

      it adds an element of danger to using cheesey pick-up lines..

    • @timchipp

      I like them armed, and legged as well (Too easy, too cheesy)

    • Blumpkin

      Huge boobs don't hurt either

      • lpkpl,

        it does when they're fake like that.

    • Matt H.

      There is something sexy about a woman with arms…

    • kevin

      vanessa upton

  • Michael

    #4 is Kaylee DeFer

  • csor1120

    OMG #11 #24 and #33 gives me a strange conquistador boner

  • winfields

    #11 needs to be found, or as the other commenter said "in Photoshop" hopefully that's not the case though. I'm not an expert on things that are shopped, so I'll leave it up to the experts.

    • DeDav

      Don't worry, it isn't shopped, I can tell from some of the unchanged pixels, and from seeing quite a few real pictures in my time.

      • jpp407

        It is photoshopped, Someone linked the real and shopped photo side by side the last time she made it into a 'find her' post.

        • RamRod

          I believe there was some sarcasm somewhere in that comment, but I could be wrong.

          • teh dude

            no i was one of those that linked it. Chive featured her unphotoshopped in a earlier hump day

      • TDP

        Your an idiot… its clearly shopped…thanks for your expert opinion though… hopefully noone bought the trash your selling

    • LG_

      Nah, it's pretty shopped. The original is here if you're interested:

      Crazy what you can do with a little PS.

      • Craig

        LG_ is correct, and what is more, why would ANYONE 'shop that original photo?!? I would bet in a Chivery side-by-side Pepsi-Challenge of the source vs 'shop, the source would win, hands down.

      • Jerome Soucy

        Real name is Catherine Dee, not from Argentina. Here's more pictures:

    • Franklin1138

      I am, and it is.

    • bkfrijoles
  • NebraskaGuy

    #11 Ass PERFECTION!

    • Yes

      After surgery.

      • And...

        …extensive photoshop.

    • Danny Heflin

      well if the Top and Bottom were not so Balanced she couldn't ever hope to stand up straight so I would have to say from my native american perspective she has a well Balanced Form

  • bkfrijoles

    #1 wow, we need her

    • firsttimeposter
      • bkfrijoles

        I see what you did there hahahaha

    • Chadders

      Isn't that Taylor Swift?

      • @Gingergreek

        No its an elephant 😛

    • mastodon311

      i am in love

    • illuminati

      it really is taylor swift tho………

  • Tillman

    #21 If you find anyone in this row, that would be fine with me. Hell, find the whole row.

  • MOAR of #11

    #11 I can't believe we haven't seen MOAR of her!

    • Yes

      Looks like a fake, plastic hooch to me.

    • TDP

      you havent because its not real…

  • Stan_Dalone

    #26 works in the Summerfield Primary Car Facility

    • nywolf

      lol ya but the only problem is that they don't give out names for who works there, and the list of names i found is WAY to long to check all of them…

    • Dex_sin

      Holly Branson – richard bransons daughter

    • Tim

      Ha Ha Ha!! perfect

  • joe

    #8 on the outside are justene and dawn jaro.
    #12 is talisa monet
    #22 is claire coffee from franklin and bash.

    damn im good

  • AssClown

    #9 Looks like a psycho crazy bitch!!

    • Guest

      She's in an episode of The League season 2 as the wiccan girl in the ghost monkey episode

  • Jbass

    #24 is a priority. do it Chive, do it.

    • Franklin1138

      Lip bite FTW.

    • nywolf

      All I've found about this pic is that it was posted at least 2 years ago on (a formerly public photo gallery) and I haven't found an earlier post. please correct me if I'm wrong. here is what I've found:

  • Bubba

    #12 Yummy!!

  • dorkfish

    #6 I love the rainbow hair girl

    • John McCormick

      Here is the person of interest. She has a few others of herself as well.

      • @Gingergreek

        Love you dude!!

  • cantcme

    Trust Fund Baby putting in a little protest time so she can boast to her trust-fund friends about the 'movement'.

    • dash

      "But dad this is important for the future of our country. Oh and just a reminder my rent and cell phone bill are due soon. Thanks daddy"

    • Blumpkin

      Give me enough money and I might do that shit too

    • JAS

      capitalism totally sucks, but I totally can't live without twitter, facebook and my iphone!

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