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It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (29 Photos)

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  • Guest

    Or her diaphram

  • drummer113

    #28, Using a dictionary: You're not doing it right and I don't think you even know what a dictionary is.

  • Petey

    #20 should read: "i have a bone to pick you with"

    • Misfit7734

      who is she

  • HelioXPSN

    #27 LMFAO. The red hourglass on a black widow should glow in the dark.

  • Craigery

    #29 the middle one is holding a piece of jagged stone

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  • Black6dog

    If you have to say something isn't crazy that many times then it most likely is, I think the formula for that goes something like Crazy(t) = (e^t)/3 or something like that, just take the derivative of that to figure exactly how long until you're a freaking nut case brah, peace

    • Isaac Witmer

      math ftw

  • Coldzilla

    #11 The Sedin Brothers!

  • Dennis

    #29 this is what I don’t get. If evolution is true in this context how come the first one exists and the last one exists but the other ones are long gone? Evolution in and of itself is a change over time so they couldn’t both exist at the same time I think scientists have tried to pull one over on the world and most of you retards bought it.

    • Just Assk

      That's because they went extinct 3000 years ago, along with dinosaurs and unicorns.

  • Bob

    #9 suprised, though this shithead would fuck anything….

  • Dewey Cheetum & Howe

    #6 A snow blower?

  • Teea



  • MCS

    #21. Looks like the chocolate guy from the axe commercials (and I'm talking about the chick)

  • MonkeyMadness

    #8 Just cut his head off and call it good.

    • bridgemaster

      that's how I feel about most of my dates these days….

  • Roger Sterling

    I for one totally respect him being gay.

    Aim a little higher, make sure the safety is off …

  • rooster

    #29 made me zoom in

  • mojo420jojo

    For some reason I read #19 in the voice of James Woods….

  • chong

    #20 thumbs up if you were going to google the name until you realized it

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  • Adam

    #28 Inconceivable!!!!!!

  • Carbon

    #29 that is an oldowan handaxe actually, just in case anyone is curious.

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  • seldomseenjerin

    #17 Parenting… you're doing it right

  • seldomseenjerin

    #21 Blackface… because social conciousness is so not in.

  • ilPinguino

    #12 actually once something's going faster than light, cause and effect can flip, so the original joke makes sense 🙂

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