Some of the strangest statues in the world (31 Photos)

  • Cross

    I "like" this.

  • Kristen Weeks

    #30 – The world's most epic pissing contest…and it looks like we have a new contestant in #5

  • NobleIngrid

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  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    strangely enough #6 is a man fighting off baby-sized demons

  • hobocrow

    what? no seattle troll

  • warouvish

    I’ve seen #17 in LA. It on the wall of some buisness building, and has a quote along the lines of, “you gotta keep ur head in the game” next to it.

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  • ThornyDevil

    I have the weirdest boner…

  • Jason White

    #11 Canyon Rd Art Galleries, Santa Fe New Mexico

  • Tre


    Go ahead, tell Vlad he's doing it wrong.

  • Rabidcake


    La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

    I still remember doing handstands in O'week next to this guy

  • Steve

    #23 only in Philadelphia, can we appreciate the simple things in life

    • CinematicHeart

      best city on earth!

  • cadillacrosa

    You missed this one!

    You are welcome!

  • NicBree

    #6 Children.. Get these gotdamn things off me!

  • G!A

    #23 PHILLY!!!!!!!!!! i miss it 😦

  • Bhiver
  • Ivan

    #6 is in Oslo, inside Frogner park. This statue is part of a huge set that is quite impressive.

  • Alex Kager

    I think this one is missing: The Buttplug Dwarf in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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