You are stuck (36 Photos)

  • Pat

    #20 WINNER!!!

    • Jason

      uh, no. LOSER. As if.

    • MAX_POW

      her brain is stuck in 1st grade or before.

    • aaron

      I am sorry, but I believe that a lot of these conversation on facebook are real, but there is no way this one is. Just the sear fact that other people would have been walking by her would have probably clued her in to get walking. Also, for hours? Yeah, I don't think so. This is either fake or a girl just pretending to be stupid.

      • Duvel

        I agree gotta be trolling

      • Matty Rochelle

        unless it was an elevator she was stuck in just didn't want to admit it.

        • Donald Rhoades

          I would rather admit to being stuck on the elevator than an escalator

    • Nishtai

      I thought this was just a sketch in SNL with Ben Affleck

  • mooseknuckle420

    hookers and blow

    • Ling

      no…bananas and blow

  • herbie hancock

    so most of this post is just a reason why women shouldn't drive?

  • JHarris

    #15 Where it belongs!

    • float

      now toss that stupid little fucker off a bridge…

    • Paula_


      (Hit the road Mac and don't you post cats no more, no more, no more, no more.)
      (Hit the road Mac and don't you post cats no more.)
      What you say?

      • specv44

        Savin that pussy for later…

    • SenorWilson

      This whole post has negative votes. You guys are the best.

  • bettingonthecubs

    #16 wait….what?

    • Shant1k

      it's Aston Martin's new jet engine

      • dorkfish

        nice wheelie

        • Bubba

          "Where we go, we don't need roads!"

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #6 soooo hungry…. NOOOOOOO!!!!

    • wtf is he on?

      Is that a hot dog in a vending machine?

      • Broseph Stalin

        If that's the weirdest thing you've seen in a vending machine, why don't you head on over to Japan….

    • Tom

      That looks like a bullet dodged to me. If you'd eat a meatball sub from a vendomat you'd probably eat an egg-salad sandwich from a gas station bathroom vending machine.

  • slag

    #36 I've always wanted to do that!!

    • superhumano

      photoshop, sorry

      • theSnowman

        So it's normal for everyone to get out of their cars and stare at the bridge any time it goes up?

  • Matt

    Freakin DAULTS!

  • herbie hancock

    #29 made me laugh a lot more than it probably should have…..damn I'm immature. *fart*

    • Claudio Andre da Silva

      i'd like to see this gif with rage comics in it

    • um_yeah

      I did LOL for real too!!

    • coco

      me too, exact same thought.. too funny!

    • psydude

      no dude, that was the funniest thing I have seen all day

  • Tuff Guy

    #20 Wow. Dumb slut.

  • jrey81

    #6 wtf? #29 was awesome!

  • Bongzilla

    #23 Drift win!

    • Justin

      Car isn't sideways. Comment fail

  • Enrique Verduzco

    #30 Bitch please, take off the handbreak first.

    • Claudio Andre da Silva

      this wouldnt happen in the kitchen

      • Enrique Verduzco

        True! 😛

    • 340Swinger

      She can't get traction with those shoes…

  • ????

    #28 great reason to buy jeep over hummer.
    #30 great place to get a hummer.

    • Jason

      'splain #33 then.

      • 340Swinger

        #28 maybe a sink hole? #33 either bad judgment call or idiot.

  • sanforce

    Chive, fuck you for having a ton of video adds. I can't listen to music and view the chive now, because there is a new add every 15 seconds. FAIL

    • Josh Peters

      Can't just open anything to a million tabs and work through them anymore because of the damn video adds

    • @nicklarss

      That's why I use Firefox with Addblock plus, I never see any adds what so ever.

      • Jason too. At first, I was like, ? And then I was like 😀

    • BaJezzus

      Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch people. It's called AdBlockPlus. It's an add-on for Firefox, and it blocks ads. It's been around since, i don't know, bread?!? If you don't know how to block ads on your web browser, then may I introduce you to this other great invention it's called, wait for it…."The Cassette Tape". All you internoobs and all your yelling about ads on the site is just getting really annoying. Get a clue will ya? kthanks.

    • black27696

      I actually had adblock plus turned off for the chive, and the chive only, for the longest time. Then they started with the forced audio. Then I turned adblock back on.

  • Johnny Two Toes

    #23 by "concrete" you meant "mud puddle" right?

  • billshakes626

    #30 Dream come true for the dude taking this picture.

  • king me

    #30 – Dear Diary,


  • Stan_Dalone

    #20 must be blonde

  • KenRayJen

    # think it did you a favor

  • Doug

    #1 Why in the hell would you drive on the beach in the first place?

    • Tristan Trevino

      To get to the nude beach of course 😉 Although watch out for high tide… It's a real drowner… I mean downer.

    • drummer113

      They were probably trying to do a car wash without wasting water.

      It backfired.

  • JonnyC

    #32…K…who farted?

  • dano

    #9 #11 #26…can you say dumbass??

    • TitoRigatoni

      In defense of 26, it could have been a mechanical malfunction rather than dumbassery. Not sayin' it was, just sayin' it could've been.

    • BentWrenches

      #26 looks like San Diego.

      • ButtmudBrooks

        It wasn't mechanical failure. there was crazy fog and the guy thought he was a half mile out. Also he was hammereddddd. But ya Cape Cod.

  • dorkfish

    #36 That would make a great tire add…"These tires stick to the road, no matter what"

  • Cate

    Where did the cat talk originate from?

    "Iz" blah blah, ect….

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