You are stuck (36 Photos)

  • chicago

    #36 Cop tires, Cop Shocks, Cop Engine… fix the cigarette lighter

    • nananamatman

      We're on a mission for Gaad

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #7 the result of #1

  • aiuglish


  • aiuglish

    #26 i would like a dingy

  • Selby

    An escalator can never be out of order, it just becomes stairs. "Escalator out of order" sorry for the convenience. #20 We miss ya, Mitch

    • Selby

      Oops, I meant, "Escalator temporarily stairs."

  • James Casstevens


    My sister called and said she "just needs a little push."

  • Timis

    #11 #13, I'd be willing to bet these were driven by women.

  • Sarah Morris

    Sad to say I ride #10 🙂

    • dbolusaf

      i have something you can ride

  • Black6dog

    #29 Fool of a took!

  • morebeer

    1-36 "well…..there's your problem…"

  • LC

    #29 happened to me when i was little. far less adorable.

  • flatonyourface

    #20 'Merica

  • Coldzilla

    No #1 is more like "you are an idiot"

    #26 A three hour tour…

  • vent187

    #27 & 28 that’s what you get for trying to off road in an H3.

  • ATCD

    Are these talking and repeating ads really pissing anyone else off?

    • what ads?

      AdBlock Plus. Available for Firefox as well as chrome. IE is for chumps and child molesters.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #30 I told you not to go out of the house dressed like that young lady!

  • Jurvog

    Don't do this to your pets or whatever, for all that I care put your babies in jars rather than this…

  • Ryan

    #29 made me laugh a lot harder than I have in a while at something on the internet.

    #10 knowing CATA, there's probably a body under that bus.

  • Richard

    Mac, you forgot when the Beast got stuck coming out of the American Embassy in Ireland back in june

  • techno_viking

    #30 Nailed it.

  • Tony

    Paula must be in the back seat

  • Tony Thunder Konkol

    #10 East Lansing in da house! If only it was MSU parking services instead…

    • Sarah Morris


  • frenchTouch01

    #36 WTF ???

  • antrid

    #31 Learn to spell dammit!

  • BoyFromWales

    I always think of this scene from Austin Powers whenever i'm trying to turn my car around with very little space. Haha!

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